November 21, 2018

Why Businesses Need Silent Beacon for Employee Safety

Silent Beacon is the best employee safety device in a workplace emergency. Check Why businesses need Silent beacon for their employee safety?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]While the introduction of Silent Beacon has brought a lot of excitement to people who are interested in personal safety. It provides private security, the safety of their children in schools and other forms of security. It is still relatively underutilized in the by businesses and industries. Because business managers and industrialists do not have in-depth knowledge of how Silent Beacon act as an employee safety device. However, as we will see shortly the Silent Beacon can enhance employee safety, within the workplace. This is especially true for laboratories or pharmaceutical companies that may not give approval to employees taking their cell phones into certain areas of the company. We will now look at different reasons why companies and businesses should consider acquiring Silent Beacon workplace panic button. So that their employees can increase company safety.

Employee Safety Device: Keeps You Aware of Your Employees Location

By knowing where your workers are and their routes, especially when they are in distress. It is very important if a company is to continue keeping its employees safe and on track. In a Laboratory or other sectors where cell phones are not allowed, an employee will not be able to send out a distress call. In a school building, teachers do not always have immediate access to their phones. This is where the Silent Beacon comes in, with its GPS; a manager can quickly get across to a worker in danger or distress.

If you work for a restate company and have just gone to show a client around a property. It will be very worrisome for your loved ones when not returned after several hours. This is because the client is possibly a stranger. The Silent Beacon employee safety device is a cost-effective and workable solution to such situations. If your employee is in any distress, he/she can also contact you or the police. You can also track him/her easily with the Silent Beacon’ GPS. And they can contact various people at once, not just a 3rd party call center.

Easier Delegation of Employee Duties

With companies that have a very large field-based workforce, acquiring employee safety devices for employers. They are acquiring an employee safety app for your workforce too. The Silent Beacon will not only increase employers safety, but it will also allow you to delegate projects and responsibilities efficiently. It properly allocates resources across the board too. Our Silent Beacon Application for businesses allows you the ability to import multiple contacts and their information. It gives managers and security detail the options they need to monitor and track emergency situations.

Keeps Your Drivers Safe

If you are in the transportation or shipping business, you also need the Silent Beacon to keep your drivers safe and sound. This is because the Silent Beacon uses your phones GPS that allows you to easily track them. In situations where they have been involved in an accident, they can send you a message. In this way, your team will be able to see the users locations. Even before you can get across to them physically, emergency services can assist them if necessary. Apart from this, you can also keep track of them to remind them to take breaks and rest when they are on the road.

You are Not Forced To Pay for Services Not Rendered

Workers especially those in industries and on the field can exaggerate the amount of time they spent of a project or site. Because of to claim overtime bonus. With the Silent Beacon employee alert system, you can eliminate this and pay only for services that have been rendered. Due to our precise pricing depending per person who is actually working. Related to this, some workers may be truant and try to leave their duty posts before time. This can be reduced or prevented if you get the Silent Beacon for your employees.

You have been educated on ways in which the Silent Beacon can help improve your company safety standards. It also saves your time and money too. We hope that you will take the necessary steps to achieve all the above by getting the Silent Beacon for your employees. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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