January 1, 2019

The Life-Saving Benefits of a Construction Safety App

Know about the life-saving benefits of Silent Beacon construction safety app. It is a wonderful workplace safety app that could save lives.

Construction safety apps are easy to use and effective in reducing the severity and response time of workplace injuries. Without a doubt, construction is the most dangerous industry to work in. 1 in 5 of all total workplace deaths are related to construction accidents.

Given this statistic alone, it’s easy to see how any improvement to workplace safety could prevent a worst-case situation. A construction workplace safety app and the device can be a low-cost way to make a huge impact on safety for all workers.

More than 75% of construction sites use mobile technology. Plus, approximately 75% of all construction workers use mobile devices to assist them on the job. Clearly, a construction workplace safety app is a natural choice for these workers. But how effective can one app be?

When an Accident Happens, Response Time Matters

Preventing an accident altogether is the ideal. However, if an accident occurs, rapid response is critical in preventing fatalities. Quick response times may also lessen the overall severity and recovery time of an injury.

In the event of an accident that leads to any kind of injury. It is crucial that emergency services respond to a call and arrive as quickly as possible. Every second count. In fact, mortality rates improve significantly (by approximately 5%) when the response time is less than five minutes. With nearly 1,000 construction-related deaths in the US each year, even that small improvement could save as many as 50 lives.

Safety Managers, Supervisors, and Workers Benefit from a Construction Safety App

When an accident happens, there may be mass confusion. People may not contact emergency services immediately. Instead, they may contact a supervisor or safety officer. Sadly, they may not even attempt to make contact with anyone at all. They may be deciding to wait out the situation or rely on others to reach out. These delays in critical care can end in serious or fatal results.

Even with the best training, people panic during emergencies. Seconds and even minutes may be wasted in that process. With every minute that passes, survival rates drop rapidly. Fortunately, with an effective construction safety app or device, outcomes can be different. With one simple press of a button, a worker in distress can easily contact emergency services and supervisors.

Data Capture and Reporting – Improving Safety in the Future

Some construction workplace safety apps come with advanced features to monitor and enforce safety-related behavior and procedures. These apps may provide accurate data about the movements of workers leading up to and following an accident.

This data can help safety supervisors and managers manage risk in the future. It can also help paint a clear picture of the events leading up to an accident and any additional risk factors that may exist for the individual or company.

Home Construction: Another Risky Environment

While not nearly as dangerous or as likely to lead to fatalities, home construction projects are a safety risk. If you attempt a project that deals with heights, like a roof repair, the danger is always there. No matter how careful you may be, an accident could still happen. The same safety apps and devices that work so well for professional construction workers can help you as well.

Silent Beacon: The Construction Safety App that Benefits Everyone

Obviously, every minute counts when an accident occurs. A slow emergency response increases recovery time and the severity of an injury. In a worst-case scenario, the failure to receive emergency care immediately can be fatal. Construction workers, weekend DIY-ers, and managers/supervisors can all benefit from a device that quickly contacts emergency personnel. It provides much-needed help instantly to someone in need. An added benefit is that the sooner an accident is taken care of, the sooner everyone can get back to work at the construction site.

With these goals in mind, the Silent Beacon and its free safety app make a perfect construction workplace safety app and device combination. The Beacon is both simple to use and easy to program with the correct emergency service numbers and other contacts. It’s also durable and affordable enough for anyone in construction.

The Silent Beacon can send an alert from up to 100 feet from a paired device. In addition, it can communicate via voice from up to 50 feet, allowing anyone in an emergency situation. It can even be separated from his or her phone, to get emergency help. The Silent Beacon also happens to be water resistant. To keep the device intact, the Beacon has been reinforced to prevent the device from breaking off of a key-chain, lanyard, or clip.

In an emergency situation, the user simply presses the easy-to-operate panic button. Once the button is activated, the user’s location will be sent to emergency personnel and/or pre-programmed contacts. The person using the Beacon may also communicate with those that he or she contacted.

A Construction Workplace Safety App Could Save Lives

Fast reactions are a must after an accident. If the injured person is alone, the Silent Beacon paired with its free safety app. It is much easier to access and activate than a device-only safety app. A single touch of the button is effortless, compared with logging into a cell phone with a password or thumbprint. When every second count, the Silent Beacon makes it easy to receive emergency assistance.

With this device, anyone involved in a construction-related accident can call for help with the press of a button. Their location will be sent immediately, with pinpoint accuracy, and help will arrive ready to assist.

Lowering the risk of severe injury and higher survival rates: it’s all possible with the Silent Beacon.





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