On December 17, the U.S. celebrates National Device Appreciation Day, a chance to recognize the devices that improve the quality of our lives and take precautions to safeguard those dear to you. 

This National Device Appreciation Day, personal safety devices deserve much-needed appreciation for protecting us in moments we need help the most. 


What Are Personal Safety Devices?

Personal safety devices are emergency panic buttons that you can activate when you need immediate help. They come in various sizes and features, but almost all allow calling your emergency contacts, send emergency alerts, and share your live GPS location. 

Most panic buttons are wearable devices connected to your phone via Bluetooth and require active mobile networks to work. They allow sending discrete alerts to your family or even to 911 when you feel threatened and need emergency assistance. 


Do Personal Safety Devices Really Work?

Personal safety devices are not meant to encounter all life-threatening circumstances. They are not medical gadgets, nor intended to link patients with healthcare providers or keep track of their health. Protecting people who live, commute, or travel alone is the main objective of personal security gadgets.

They are activated by the user when they feel unsafe or meet an emergency, and there’s no one around to help. The device sends an emergency alert to your selected emergency contacts so you can get help faster. In certain conditions, you can even call 911 or call an ambulance if needed. Personal safety devices do not prevent accidents from happening, but they do lessen the impact to a great extent. 


Why Does Everyone Need A Safety Device?

People of all ages, genders, and occupations need a personal safety device whether they are at home, out and about, or at work.


Need For A Safety Device At Home

An intruder can break into your house anytime. Typically, it occurs while no one is home, but on rare occasions, it may occur while you and your family are around. Your loved ones can be protected from unforeseen circumstances with the use of a panic button. 

Personal safety buttons are far more affordable than many home security systems while offering the same security level. However, we suggest installing a reliable home security system to avoid any inconvenience in case of a break-in.


Need For A Safety Device At Workplace

A panic alarm and panic button are significantly more straightforward to use in the event of an injury than manually dialing 911 or sending a message. When hurt and in the presence of an assailant, you need assistance to arrive as soon as possible and at the right place.

A personal safety alarm is appropriate for workers who are alone at work or in circumstances when getting aid is difficult. For instance, tensions might be high when lone workers in the public utility sectors frequently interact with the public, especially in traffic. 

Another frequent occurrence is the rise in the number of healthcare professionals going into patients’ homes when they risk being attacked.


Need For A Safety Device For Women

Women’s safety has always been a concern, even in the present era with all the technological advancements. Women are never safe, and they are especially at risk when exploring isolated areas and lonely roads alone. 

The statistics on violent crimes against women are startling and unsettling. According to Statista, there were 1,278,390 female victims of violent crimes in the U.S. in 2021. WHO reports that 30% of women worldwide claim to have experienced physical or sexual abuse at some point in their lives. A considerably more extended list of attempted sexual and physical assaults, muggings, and break-ins have been reported across the states. 


Women’s safety and security have evolved into a national issue that requires resolution. We now have personal safety devices on the market, thanks to technology once more, saving the day. Fortunately, personal safety devices for women can reduce the hazards and deter or slow down criminals.


Need For A Safety Device For the Elderly

The most frequent crimes committed against the elderly are honor killing and robbery. For criminals like thieves and burglars, the elderly are the easiest targets. They are vulnerable to many health problems in addition to these horrible crimes. 

According to CDC, approximately 3 million senior citizens need emergency room care each year for injuries sustained in falls. Every fifth fall results in an injury, such as a head injury or shattered bones.

One needs care 24 hours a day, seven days a week at this age. The easiest way to get assistance in either scenario is with a personal safety device. The best personal safety device for seniors provides them with easy access to family members or emergency responders wherever they are: at home, out and about, or in the car.


Need For A Safety Device For Kids And Teens

Personal panic buttons are a reliable technique to ensure that children are safe when traveling to school or with friends. Parents can even track their children’s locations through devices that allow GPS tracking.

Personal safety gadgets let teenagers and children immediately ask for assistance and monitoring. They may press the panic button or alert their parents, for instance, if a stranger starts following them.


Need For A Safety Device For Students

28,500 crimes against people or property were reported on U.S. college campuses, according to NCES. Statistics show that every 500th student experiences assault or harassment, yet many offenses go unreported to the police and security services.

Investing in a pepper spray, tactical flashlight, or stun gun can ensure your physical safety. But let’s face it—they are prohibited in many nations and jurisdictions. A personal safety device is a better alternative to ensure school, college, and university students stay safe on campus. 


The Best Personal Safety Device In Town

Silent Beacon’s wearable personal safety device, at the push of a button, allows you to call any number, including 911. It may simultaneously send SMS, push notifications, emails, and alerts to any family members, friends, or emergency agencies you have designated, along with your current GPS location, enabling you to get assistance more quickly.

Get your hands on a personal safety device this Device Appreciation day and stay safe with Silent Beacon.


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