August 5, 2019

How the Silent Beacon can Give Parents the Peace of Mind that their Kids are Safe?

Must know How the Silent Beacon kids safety device panic button can give parents the peace of mind that their Kids are Safe.

As a parent, you know that having a son and/or daughter can be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. It can also be one of the hardest jobs! For as much as we parents love our children, we also worry about their safety and well being.

Turn on today’s news, and you’ll hear story after story about the dangers and tragedies that befell unsuspecting children and their families. These stories are enough to strike fear in the hearts of even the most laid-back parents.

Fortunately, you don’t need to live your life in fear . . . for you or your children. There are simple, commonsense precautions you can take as a parent that will not only provide you with peace of mind but also decrease the odds of your child becoming a victim of a crime or accident.

Check out the following tips:

Stay Tuned into Your Children’s Lives

This means you need to stay informed about your child’s friends, as well as the adults who work with your child at school and through other activities. This includes anyone from tutors and youth group leaders to coaches and teachers. By paying attention to all the people who interact with your child, you can get to know each and every one of them. Even if you can’t be present all the time, getting to know the people in your child’s life allows you to “vet” them and ensure that only people you feel 100% comfortable with are allowed to spend time with your son and/or daughter.

Screen the Screens

Even at the earliest ages, children are exposed to screen time. From tablets, phones, and PC’s to good old-fashioned television, kids see screens as a part of daily life. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to what’s on those screens!

If your child has access to video games, television, movies, and the like, be aware of the content that your child is viewing. Make it clear which channels, web sites, apps, and social media platforms your child may (or may not) access. Fortunately, there are many apps and parental controls available to help you with monitoring and limiting access to only parent-approved content and platforms.

Even innocent screen time can cause harm and get out of control if parents do not limit it. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Problems begin when media use displaces physical activity, hands-on exploration and face-to-face social interaction in the real world, which is critical to learning. Too much screen time can also harm the amount and quality of sleep” (, American Academy of Pediatrics Announces New Recommendations for Children’s Media Use). For all of these reasons, be sure to set commonsense limits on what – and how much – your child watches.

Safeguard your Surroundings with the Best Kids Safety Device

Most parents spend time baby proofing gates, doors, and handles to cabinets. This is to prevent their babies and toddlers from sticking fingers and hands into outlets, ingesting poisonous substances, and falling down the stairs. But sometimes as our children get older, we forget to “kid-proof” our surroundings in an age-appropriate way.

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Got an elementary school-aged child? You still may want to fix that hole in the fence that leads to a dark wooded area behind your house. This will ensure you keep out unwanted animals (and people).

Wondering what trouble your preteen could possibly get into in the kitchen? From the deadly “cinnamon challenge” to burns on the stove, the kitchen is an area that parents still need to patrol in a reasonable manner. This way, you can prevent your child from making uninformed decisions or engaging in risky behaviors.

Parenting a teenager or young adult? Keep up with routine car maintenance to prevent breakdowns on deserted roads when your child is driving home alone at night.

Wear Silent Beacon: Remain safe, 24/7

Perhaps the best way to keep your child safe is with the Silent Beacon personal panic button. When paired with the free Silent Beacon app for kids, this lightweight device allows your child to contact friends, family, and emergency personnel with the touch of a button in the event of an emergency.

All your child needs to do is press the button on the Silent Beacon kids safety device in order to summon emergency assistance. And with the two-way voice communication feature, your son or daughter can remain in constant contact with you and speak with you while he or she waits for help to arrive. First responders won’t have any difficulty locating your child, either, thanks to the GPS technology that pinpoints the Beacon’s location.

As for price, the Silent Beacon is affordable at $99.99. This includes everything you need since there are no pricey startup or activation fees. And there’s no maintenance or recurring charges, either. Simply purchase the Beacon, pair it with the free Silent Beacon app, and set up your child’s contact list. That’s it! Now your child will never be alone, no matter where he or she is.

Of course, no parent can guarantee 100% safety for his or her child or children. However, with the Silent Beacon kids safety device and the other recommendations in this article, you can improve your chances of raising safe and healthy children who are prepared to live long, happy lives in an ever-changing world.

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