March 7, 2019

How Silent Beacon Life Saving Emergency Alert System Can Help Senior Living Facilities?

How Silent Beacon life saving alert system or a wearable device can help senior living facilities? For more information, Visit our website.

Why Choose a Senior Living Facility?

That is a good question. People often think about senior living facilities as an ejection of old parents from home. Well, that sounds really rough, and maybe unfair. It is unfair to say such a thing because it is not always the truth. Yes, there are people who send their parents to the senior living facilities only to get rid of them, but that is not the purpose of those institutions. First of all, elderly people are safer there, and Silent Beacon life saving emergency alert system can even improve their security. You cannot always be at home and take care of elders all the time. You have a job to do, kids to raise. In these circumstances, elderly people can start feeling like they’re becoming a nuisance.

In senior living facilities, they can find people with the same interests and hobbies. They can meet new friends and find someone that understands them and their struggles with aging. Also, employees are mostly experts that are experienced in working with elderly people, so you know they will be in safe hands.

How can Silent Beacon’s Life Saving Emergency Alert System Help?

Life Saving Emergency Alert systems are very useful, but they cost too much money. Many of them are not designed to be wearable, but just to be fixed in a particular place within the room or home. This can be helpful in rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms, but what if something happens in the courtyard when there is nobody around? Silent Beacon can solve this problem. It is a small, discreet, wearable device with an alert button that sends an alert signal to the emergency contacts. It has GPS installed and it is water-resistant. If anything unwanted happens, family and friends can be informed immediately if their numbers are added in the emergency contact list. Silent Beacon life saving emergency alert system can provide a direct call to the 911, so there is no need to waste valuable minutes trying to find or reach a phone.

One Application Linked to All Devices

One thing that wasn’t mentioned is that Silent Beacon has one application for all kind of smartphones and tablets, which is connected wirelessly to the device. It has the possibility of connecting any number of devices to one smartphone. This can be useful in institutions like this one. You can connect all of the devices to your smartphone and if anything happens, you will be alerted. This will save you money from buying expensive Alert Systems. Silent Beacon has no additional fees. Once you buy a product you don’t have to spend additional money, as some alert devices require. One option is subscribing to exclusive services, such as calling 911 without a mediator, for only $1.99/month. However, this is optional and the beacon functions to help you even without subscribing to the exclusive services.

You can Place It in Every Room

Silent Beacon is a wearable device, but if you want, you can place one in every room. In addition to being a senior alert system, it can be used as fixed buttons for easier detection and locating a person who needs help. Considering that it is water-resistant, you have the option of putting it in bathrooms. Elderly people are not so flexible and often have impaired mobility, strength and balance – resulting in falls from wet, slippery floors.

Elderly People are More Vulnerable to Heart Attacks

Heart attacks don’t choose their victims, but somehow, they tend to like older people. You never know when it is going to happen, but when it does, you don’t have enough time to reach the phone. However, you do have enough time to press the button on the Silent Beacon device. This is why Silent Beacon saves thousands of lives per year.

With Silent Beacon, They can Go Outside with No Fear

As mentioned Silent Beacon is a wearable device, and its owners are not stuck in a single place. They can go wherever they want, knowing that they will not be alone if something unexpected occurs.

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