July 25, 2020

National Parents Day: Safety Tips for Parents to Follow This Summer

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Summer is in full swing, which means families can spend more quality time together playing in the sun, hanging out at the pool, or going on vacation, just in time for National Parents Day on July 26th! National Parents Day is all about recognizing the important roles that a parent plays in a kid’s life, including keeping them healthy, safe, and loved. While you’re celebrating National Parents Day and enjoying the summer with your family, make sure that you take proper precautions to avoid any accidents or injuries. Follow our summer safety tips for parents to keep your children healthy and safe this season. Some of our safety tips include carrying the Silent Beacon wearable panic button, staying hydrated, and wearing loose clothing in the heat. 

Follow These Top Summer Safety Tips for Parents:

1. Carry Silent Beacon With You: 

Now is the best time to go on vacations and adventures with your family. Although, traveling away from home can be dangerous if you are not equipped correctly in the event of an emergency. Luckily, we’ve put together this list of summer safety tips for parents that can be used to prepare for unexpected circumstances. One of the best ways to protect your family while on-the-go is the Silent Beacon panic button.  With just one press, the Silent Beacon can call any number including 911 while sending multiple people your live GPS location. 

One of our top safety tips for parents is to set up their child’s Silent Beacon with the contacts that best suit their needs. Because different emergencies require different responses, Silent Beacon allows you to customize who your child calls for help, whether that’s 911, emergency services, a family member or friend, even phone numbers overseas. Silent Beacon uses your smartphone’s GPS to send your location in real-time via text, email, and push notifications to people who can help you in an emergency. This feature adds a whole extra layer of safety, enabling your child to get help even if they are incapacitated or unable to talk.  

Carrying the Silent Beacon is one of the child safety tips for parents designed to give you more freedom. Program it to send you and your emergency contacts an alert when your battery gets low. With one press, you can disable the sounds and lights to discreetly send an alert without anyone knowing. Water-resistant, UL-certified fire-retardant plastic with a reinforced keychain area keeps the device sturdy and safe, while curved indented buttons help reduce false alerts. The Silent Beacon works wherever your smartphone can receive service. 

2. Never Leave Kids Alone in a Hot Car: 

One of the crucial summer safety tips for parents to remember in the summertime is to never leave their kids inside of a hot car while running errands, traveling, or for any extended period of time. A child dies every ten days in the United States due to being locked inside of a hot car. Some people may think that leaving the car windows open or even cracked provides enough ventilation, but that is not the case because the temperature inside a car can rapidly increase up to 120°F on a mild day. It only takes 104°F for young children to experience a heat stroke, and 107°F for fatal injuries to occur. No parent wants to put their kid in harm’s way, so next time you run errands make sure to follow these important safety tips for parents and don’t leave children unattended in your hot vehicle. 

3. Schedule Outdoor Activities in the Morning

Every child’s favorite summer activity is playing on the playground or running around the park with their friends. However, days at the park can heat up very quickly and can easily turn into a disaster. Another one of our summer safety tips for parents is to explore the outdoors in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the peak of the summer sun. This is because the sun is at its hottest point between the hours of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. If you schedule outdoor activities in the morning, you reduce the risk of your child overheating and potentially experiencing a heat stroke. Planning adventures in the morning will keep your kids happy and healthy. 

4. Dress Kids in Loose Clothing 

Moms and dads should keep the summer heat in mind when getting their kids dressed and ready for the day. Here are more child safety tips for parents, it is important to dress kids in loose clothing during the summertime for multiple reasons. Children should feel comfortable in their clothes when playing in the sun with their friends. Therefore, they should wear loose and breathable clothing so that they do not overheat running around the playground or park with their friends. When dressed in tighter fitting clothing kids may feel restricted or be unable to move freely. Tight clothing could lead to possible heat cramps and heat exhaustion. However, these accidents can easily be avoided as long as moms and dads dress their children in loose and comfortable clothing this summer.

5. Supervise Kids at all Times

Accidents can occur in a split second, especially with young kids. Whether you are at the pool, playground, beach, etc., one of the most important safety tips for parents is to make sure you are supervising your kids and have your eyes on them at all times. Kids sometimes love to play rough and aggressive with their siblings or friends which can lead to many injuries. They also like to run off by themselves which can result in your child getting lost. If a child is wandering alone there is a chance that they may encounter “stranger danger.” Therefore, the best way to avoid these scenarios this summer is to make sure your children are watched at all times and teach them how to behave appropriately when out and about.

6. Keep Kids Hydrated

Sometimes kids forget to drink their water when they are running around having fun. Because kids can get caught up in the fun, moms and dads should follow the summer safety tips for parents and keep their children hydrated and remind them to drink their water consistently throughout the day. Therefore, It would be a great idea to keep a pack of water bottles in the car to have with you whenever you go out on extended day trips. Packing healthy snacks for day trips is another great way to keep your kids healthy and energized all day long. Staying hydrated and energized will minimize the risks of dehydration, exhaustion, heatstroke, and more.

7. Use Sunscreen and Bug Repellant

During National Parents Day, the summer sun is scorching hot and can be harmful to sensitive skin. If correct precautions are not taken, sunburns can damage a child’s skin causing extreme pain. Moms and dads should always apply sunscreen to their child’s skin thirty minutes before exposing them to the sunlight. To further protect your child from sunburns, another one of our child safety tips for parents is to reapply sunscreen every two hours spent outside. Along with sunscreen, you should spray kids with bug repellent to avoid insect bites. Taking these necessary precautions before venturing outside will save a lot of pain and keep your children safe.

You can explore this summer safely by following our child safety tips for parents. Nothing is better than watching your family have a safe and memorable summer together! 

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