April 29, 2016

Teenagers: The Silent Generation at Risk

Driving to a friend’s house alone. Returning to the dorm after an evening class. Meeting date at the movies. Any of these situations can put your teen at risk in the case of an accident or crime. In an emergency, how would your son or daughter let you know there’s a problem? What if the cell phone died? How would he or she get help?

panic alarm system for personal safetyEvery second count in an emergency. Any concerned parent is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that his or her child is safe. Fortunately, technology meets the needs of teens today. Therefore Silent Beacon, the personal security device that allows users to instantly locate friends and family. They can do it with the touch of a panic alarm system button. This small Bluetooth device not only provides users with an instant way to contact help but also offers real-time GPS tracking so that emergency personnel can locate the user as quickly as possible.

Normally, when people think about emergency alert systems, products such as a panic alarm system come to mind, the safety device featured in commercials with elderly people who need medical assistance when they’re alone. However, teenagers are a population at risk as well: with their newfound independence, a driver’s license in hand, and the tendency to think they’re invincible, teenagers don’t always consider their surroundings – or realize when they are in dangerous situations.

So, parents, even though you can’t be with your teen every second of the day. But at least you can now put your mind at ease with the knowledge that help is just seconds away. You can thanks to Silent Beacon.

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