February 10, 2017

Personal Safety Tips Using Wearable Alert System

A wearable alert system is very common today. What used to be mainly a medical alert tool to monitor the elderly is now widely used by people of all ages and genders. Today they are not only used for monitoring sick people but are widely used by the healthy to quickly alert their loved ones, police and emergency services in the case of an accident or criminal assault. But to make sure that your alert system provides the right protection you should use it the right way.

Here are 10 tips on how to use your wearable alert system in a way that will increase your personal safety:

  1. Choose the right wearable system for you

First of all, before you purchase a wearable, make sure that you understand its features to see if it suits your needs. For example, if you suffer from multiple sclerosis, try getting a wearable device that can both detect a fall and can quickly notify emergency services?

  1. Pick the alert system company that is right for you

Before you join a company, make sure that you do some research about them. Research is important to find out if their emergency operators are available 24 hrs a day. It also important to know their service activation cost. The best alert system companies often have the best safety devices, with low activation cost. They offer free replacement of defective products and are available 24 hrs a day to respond to any health emergency.

  1. Go for Wearables with real-time GPS Tracking

As opposed to some wearables that only send your location or rely on a registered location to find you. Choose wearables that can send your location and allow emergency service. Those will help your family to track you in case you’ve been moved.

  1. Water-proof and wireless devices are best

The wearable life saving alert system with waterproof and wireless capabilities are often the best. Because you do not need to take them off when showering or dealing with water in any way. Waterproof devices are often very useful in medical cases as the shower is the place where many falls happen.

  1. Make the wearable device part of your daily accessories

You should make a habit of always wearing your alert systems. And if you don’t wear it, integrate it into your daily accessories like making it a key holder for your car or house keys. In this way, your device will never be forgotten at home or absent when you need it.

  1. Keep it hidden

Unless in medical wearables, always wear your wearable alert system in a place where criminals cannot see it. If they see it, they may destroy it or try to harm you for alerting the authorities of their crime. Wearing it as a necklace under your shirt is often a good place. You can also conceal it in your pockets but always make it easily reachable.

  1. Always charge your phone

Many alert systems work with your phone to be able to determine and send you location using GPS. This often uses a lot of your phone’s battery, so make sure that your phone battery is never very low.

  1. Maintain the wearable device battery

Although many do not require recharging for many years. The last thing anybody will want is to try to alert emergency from their wearable alert system and device only to see that the battery of the device has run out. To avoid this determine the duration of your device’s battery and set reminders on your phone about when to replace or charge them.

  1. Regularly update your wearable App

Wearable app updates are regularly released to improve the overall safety and efficiency of the wearable alert systems. Therefore regularly check for updates and update your App to the latest version to increases your security.

  1. Maintain your emergency list

Although not frequent, your family members, doctors or your company’s emergency services may change their numbers. In many cases, they will notify you but just make it a habit to call or text people on your emergency list. Also, Check from time to time to make sure that their lines are still active.

Finally always go for quality wearable devices and reliable emergency services. The best personal safety devices available today often have one or more of qualities. Those qualities are wireless, waterproof, have fall and heart rate detection, GPS tracking as well as crush resistant. These qualities cannot often be found on one alert system. Therefore it is always advisable to check your safety needs first before getting a device.

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