December 11, 2017

Best Personal Safety Wearable App & Device – Silent Beacon

A young woman, living alone in a large city. A college student, traveling to a foreign country as part of a study abroad program. An elderly gentleman, living by himself in a rural location. A father with a serious medical condition, taking a much-needed island getaway vacation with his two young children. What do these people have in common? All of them can benefit from wearable safety app or device.

Personal safety is a concern across all age groups and demographics, and the statistics don’t lie, either. A parent survey conducted recently. That survey revealed 20% children in the United States are not supervised at home after school each day. According to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN), every 98 seconds someone is sexually assaulted in our country. Meanwhile, female undergraduate students are at a “significantly increased” risk of becoming a victim of rape (sexual assault) while traveling abroad.

Personal Safety App/Device Provide the User with Incredible Peace of Mind

It does not matter if someone is living alone, traveling alone, or simply has the desire to be as safe as possible. The best personal safety devices provide the user with incredible peace of mind. Not only do these devices have the ability to contact emergency personnel and loved ones in emergency situations. But they can also track the user to pinpoint his or her exact location. It simultaneously reduces precious time in those emergency situations.

Today, technology has advanced to the point that these safety devices are actually wearable for users, allowing people to ensure their personal safety at all times. One of the best wearable safety app on the market today is the Silent Beacon. The personal safety app is a small, Bluetooth-enabled device that is small enough to wear comfortably wherever the user goes.

Whether you’re on a trip or traveling to and from school or work, the water-resistant Silent Beacon can be worn to a key fob. Only with one simple push of a button, the wearable safety device sends out alerts messages. These messages send via text, phone call, and/or email to all of your saved contacts. While there is a call service center option, it is not mandatory. In fact, you can still use the personal safety beacon app on your existing smartphone or tablet for free!

Benefits of this wearable safety device

One mother of two understands the benefits of this wearable safety device. “Ever since I heard about this app – and having two young children – I knew it was a must-have. You never know when or where you could be in a bad situation, and having the Silent Beacon wearable safety app could help save your life. I definitely have recommended it to all my family members, and they love the concept.”

Years ago, People didn’t have the option of being so connected to get the help at anytime. No matter where they were located. Today, thanks to personal safety devices like the Silent Beacon, you can wear that safety device like a proud badge, knowing with the push of a button, help is on the way.

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