December 1, 2017

Our Life Saving Emergency Alert System to the Rescue

Life saving alert systems are wearable medical alert systems that enable the user to contact loved ones, medical personnel, and/or law enforcement in the event of an emergency. Once associated with the elderly, these rescue beacon systems are now gaining popularity across all age groups. The popularity among the young children and people with medical issues. Also popular in disabilities to college students and those working or engaging in a hobby in remote locations

The High Price for Peace of Mind

Unfortunately, the cost of these life-saving systems can really add up. A Consumer Reports’ analysis of several life saving medical alert companies reveals costly fees and startup pricing. For instance, one company charges a $95 activation fee and $60 per month service fees, while another competitor charges $65 per month with a $149 “device fee.”

Despite the high prices, these life saving systems don’t always deliver what one would associate with pricey devices and plans. For example, Jennifer needed a life saving alert system for her husband, who has MS. This couple wanted a life saving medical alert system that would allow her husband to contact Jennifer or emergency personnel. This personal alert system works in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Even though Jennifer and her husband contracted with a well-known Alert company. But they found the service did not live up to their expectations. Not only did Jennifer need to pay for a costly landline, but if her husband was too far from the phone when he activated an alert then personal rescue beacon could not hear his voice. As a result, their family had several instances where the EMT’s broke down their front door, only to find that her husband. That simply needed to call his wife and ask for her assistance.

On the heels of these expensive incidents, Jennifer knew she needed a life saving alert system that would allow her husband to speak into the device. No matter where he was located in the home. And have the ability to contact Jennifer easily without alarming the EMS.

A Better Option for Life Saving Alert Systems

Silent Beacon would have answered those needs – and more. The Silent Beacon life saving alert system allows users to reach family, friends, EMT, 911, and a call center. Based on your needs, you can customize the device with the options that make sense for you and your family.

Consumer Reports advises those in the market for a life saving systems to consider devices with capabilities. Those compatibilities are help buttons, the ability to contact multiple people, functionality no matter where you are in your home, and a high-quality monitoring center. Silent Beacon’s life saving alert system address all of these needs – and best of all. Silent Beacon’s optional call center service offers plans that are a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

People like Jennifer couldn’t be happier: “We are incredibly excited about the Silent Beacon because it’s going to allow my husband to have mobility and freedom, as well as the ability to call and get help in a way that works best for him. It also gives me incredible peace of mind that he’ll be able to call me.”

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