February 4, 2019

Find Your Loved Ones with Our Senior Alert System in Emergency Situations

Find your loved ones with our senior alert system in emergency situations. Read more about Silent Beacon emergency alert for elderly.

Many senior citizens are living active lives – some with a spouse or partner, and others on their own. And while this sense of freedom and independence is important to many older adults, it is not without risks. Older individuals are at risk for certain emergencies, and without the proper assistance, these emergencies can become critical or tragic situations. So it is crucial to have an emergency alert for the elderly and senior alert system.

Consider the many risks that seniors face:

Dependence on certain medications

Many drugs that a senior citizen takes can improve quality of life, and for some people, those drugs are necessary to sustain life. Unfortunately, a missed dose, a late prescription, or denials by the insurance company all mean one thing. The patient is not able to take his or her medication that is so important to his or her health.

Living alone

Not all senior citizens live alone, but those who do may not have regular contact with other friends or family members. While this in and of itself is not a cause for alarm, living alone can become an emergency situation. If no one is regularly checking in on the individual – and if he or she has fallen, passed out, etc.

Age As a Target

Scammers continue to create various ways to take advantage of senior citizens. Those are like from promising undelivered services to demanding payment to the “IRS” over the phone. But never showing up after the person makes a deposit. Of course, these situations take a financial toll on the senior. But there is another insidious risk: being taken advantage of physically, based on an intruder’s ability to physically dominate an older, sometimes weaker, individual.


As we age, the repercussions of a fall can increase in severity, especially if the person who fell suffers from brittle bones or the early stages of osteoporosis. And the consequences of a fall can worsen if there is no one at home to assist the fallen individual. He or she cannot reach a phone or activate an emergency alert for the elderly.

Help is on the way!

Fortunately, if you are the friend and/or family member of a senior citizen, you can easily find your loved one with Silent Beacon’s senior alert system. The Silent Beacon device serves as an emergency alert for the elderly. It will allow them to contact you and first responders with the simple push of the button. Because the device pairs with the free safety app, there is no need to be within reach of the phone, either. Instead, the user simply presses the button on the senior alert system, and his or her location is identified through GPS technology. This emergency alert for the elderly results in texts, calls, and emails – and there is even the ability for two-way communications with your loved one as he or she waits for help to arrive.

Ensure the Senior Citizen in Your Life is Safe

Don’t wait another minute to ensure that an elderly parent, friend, or another relative in your life is safe at all times. Consider these easy proactive measures that will help you and the senior citizen prevent emergency situations from arising:

  • Help the senior with medication management

Is his or her insurance (or Medicare/Medicaid status) up to date to prevent lapses in prescription coverage? Find out if the senior has made and is keeping all necessary doctor’s appointments to guarantee that your loved one has all prescriptions written and filled well in advance. And if forgetting medications is an issue, buy a simple pill container with the days of the week marked on it. It will remind him or her which medication(s) to take daily. Help the senior fill the container each week, and if needed, place reminders around the home. So that the elderly person remembers to take the medication.

  • Create a check-in schedule

This is especially important if the senior lives alone. Create a simple way to check in regularly, whether it’s a quick phone call, text or email. Of course, the methods you use to communicate will depend upon the person’s comfort with technology. Whatever you decide, however, this senior alert system will help both of you know that the senior will never go too long without someone making sure he or she is doing fine.

  • Educate the senior citizen

Some senior citizens are not up-to-date with the scams that unsavory individuals attempt on unsuspecting people. Simply letting the senior know the techniques someone may use to prey on him or her may prevent physical and/or financial harm.

  • Inspect the home to prevent falls

Check stair treads, slippery area rugs, or anything else in the senior’s home that may lead to a fall. Repair or replace old carpets, buy pads to place under area rugs that will grip the floor, and fix any worn or slippery stair treads. You might not prevent all falls, but these simple actions will reduce the chance.

  • Equip him or her with Silent Beacon’s senior alert system

The Silent Beacon’s personal safety device is lightweight and easy-to-use. Best of all, the senior in your life can clip it to a belt, keychain, lanyard – or drop it into a pocket or purse. Help the user pair the device with a smartphone or tablet so all he or she needs to do is press the button – and help is on the way.

Show your love for the elderly person in your life by taking these simple measures. In the event of an emergency, your actions will allow the senior citizen to quickly and easily call for the help that he or she needs!



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