June 13, 2017

Sexual Assault on the Rise – How to help try to prevent it with a Personal Safety Device

With the increase of dangerous happenings in school today, students’ safety at school is really at risk, and parents are worried. From sexual assault to a school shooting, the rate of crime in the school environment is on the rise. A survey conducted among US female college student by the Association of American Universities (AAU) and reported by CNN. This survey shows over 23% (or approximately 1 in 4) confirmed that they have been sexually assaulted. They went through a form of unwanted sexual contact, including kissing, inappropriate sexual contacts, and rape. According to them, these inappropriate touches were executed by under severe pressure or threat of force. And by the use of alcohol or medications to weaken them while they were raped or assaulted. More than a tenth of them revealed that these uninvited contacts are penetration and or oral sex.

“Some critics have faulted the 1 in 4 claims of sexual assault among female college students. They are saying that the numbers may actually be higher than what is being touted. They said Many others do not come forward because they feel It is not a serious act. But others felt embarrassed and still, others felt nothing will be done about their ordeal.”

Legislation to Reduce Sexual Assault

Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire who has been on the leading edge of calling out for regulations to reduce sexual assault in schools. According to her, sexual assault if grossly under-reported. She said many victims do not believe that they will get justice or support for what they have passed through. She came up with the Campus Accountability and Safety Act, known as CASA. Kelly first introduced in 2014 and reintroduced in 2015, along with other mated colleagues. Ayotte hopes that when the bill is passed, Universities and colleges will be held responsible for their student’s safety. Local law enforcement will be more concerned with getting to the root of the crime, rather than debating its jurisdiction.

Another aspect of this bill is that each college will set us a bond that will motivate victims to report. They can report when they are assaulted. This bill also helps to know what options they have and How they will provide support to these victims. Apart from influencing schools, the surveys will be taken from the students’ experience of sexual assault twice in a year. This will be for online publication. To ensure college safety, All the schools will have uniform disciplinary measures of sexual assault. Any school that does not comply with the new act that will have up to 1 percent of their budget. It will be increased with every violation.

Another crime that schools are battling with is shootings by gunmen. Since 2013, there have been more than 200 school shootings in America. This was amounting to an average of nearly one shooting every week. Thus college safety is at risk as is students’ safety.

Safety Devices Can Reduce Sexual Assault and Improve Students Safety

It was due to crimes like sexual assault in schools that Kenny Kelly came up with the idea. The idea of developing a wearable gear that will ensure students safety. This device is called Silent Beacon. It can be a superb technology in improving the students’ safety in institutions of learning. This safety device for students can be concealed in a key latch or in a panic button. Because of this, the perpetrator won’t even know that you have a safety device on you. In case you are about to be assaulted, you can just ring a friend or send him/her a message. We know you will be wondering how the person will know your location. The Silent Beacon has a GPS that will locate wherever you are or are being taken to, and the criminals will be caught in the act.

Silent Beacon can also prevent crimes from happening. This is because when the offender knows that there is a device that can quickly give him up. He will be reluctant to carry out an attack. Thus this safety device for students is a must have, especially for female students. Because as a wearable gear, it is very easy to carry (looks like a fog) and hide. We know that during a school shooting, all the students will scamper for safety. Then Silent Beacon helps teachers and parents to know that their children are safe. It also helps to locate their wards after when the situation is under control.

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