Panic Buttons in the Workplace for Employee Safety

panic button for Colleges campuses

Emergency Panic Button for College Campuses

Universities, College campuses, private schools and school systems were the driving force behind our business solutions. With our mass employee alert system, panic button for colleges campuses, or staff panic button everyone within the area of concern will be notified at once to avoid confusion and maximum the chance of getting to safety in the least amount of time.

Real Estate and Remote Job Site Safety

Chosen by real estate agents, curriers and social workers who find themselves in an unfamiliar location for work, your company and employees can receive peace of mind knowing our suite of features allows full control of the alert settings.

emergency panic button


Call for help without touching your phone

Send your location instantly when you need help

Notify all of your emergency contacts at once

staff panic button

Staff Panic Button in the Workplace for Employee Safety

Hotels, campuses, shopping malls, and even the corporate boardroom may be a place you would like to use one or more Silent Beacon emergency panic button for employee safety. We are happy to help your University, business and any other organization with bulk pricing on larger quantity orders. Our sales team will normally respond within a few minutes 24 hours a day. If you are a single business owner and do not have the need for hundreds of staff panic button devices you may order directly from our website store.

Unsecured Job Sites

From construction workers, to mechanics, from park rangers to government workers we have been able to help hundreds of companies with lone workers stay safer.  Giving the user the ability to send his location and contact emergency services the lone worker is never really alone.

workplace safety apps construction

Business Solutions with online control portal

With one touch you can send text messages, push notifications, email and send voice calls to your pre-stored emergency contacts inside the Safety App. Best of all there are no mandatory monthly fees and you can download our Silent Beacon employee safety app for life alerts for FREE!

Try our online Business Portal for free, just click the button now to test it for yourself. Any questions give us a call.

  • Business portal

    Allows full control over alerts and users.

  • Group Allocation

    Group contacts to allow departmental alerts.

  • Live Tracking

    Track employees and vehicles in real-time.

  • Mass Alerts

    Alert clients, employees or customers about any potential emergency.

  • Multiple Alert Methods

    Send alerts through text messages, push notifications and emails.

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