Silent Beacon Safety Devices For Business and Commercial Use

Staff Panic Button in the Workplace

Campuses, shopping malls and even the corporate board room may be a place you would like to use one or more Silent Beacon devices. We are happy to help your University, business and any other organization with bulk pricing on larger quantity orders. Our sales team will normally respond within a few minutes 24 hours a day. If you are a single business owner and do not have the need for hundreds of staff panic button devices you may order directly from our website store.

Unsecured Job Sites

Whether you are a real estate agent showing a house alone, a currier in an unfamiliar area or company employees in an unsafe situation your company can receive peace of mind knowing our suite of features allow full control of the alert settings.  Allowing your employees the freedom to select who and how they wish to alert other team members or emergency personnel, letting them continue to have the freedom they want with help being just a button press away.

Staff Panic Button

Silent Beacon Portal For Business and Commercial Use

staff panic button

Portal Dashboard

Here, admin can check the latest list of users, global contacts and any new subscriptions.

Manage Admins

Add new admins so that they can import new contacts and edit their profile.

Update profile of admin

Edit the profile of admin anytime by super admin.

Global Contacts

Import new contacts and assign them accordingly.

Update profile of Super admin

Super admin have privilege to update his profile.


Create groups to directly import the contacts folder.

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