September 6, 2018

Top 25 Things You Need to Know About Silent Beacon Personal Security App

Personal Safety App

With over two years of work and a team of over 40 people the Silent Beacon personal security app has been fine tuned to assure your message is seamlessly delivered to its recipients. Our application allows users to see up to the second tracking of any of their loved ones who have pressed the button on the Silent Beacon.  Click the Silent Beacon logo below to download on your iPhone now!

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25 Things the Silent Beacon App Can Do For You: Capabilities & Features

Through our patent-pending Bluetooth safety device, we have the ability to give our customers an instant way to contact help, regardless of the situation or circumstance. The application itself, coupled with the real-time tracking component, allows the user to be located by anyone (pre-stored as an emergency contact) in less than 5 seconds. This quick, efficient process ensures the safety of the users and offers family and friends some much-needed peace of mind. Plus, you can:

  1. Eliminate the middleman. Other apps route you to a call center, where a representative wastes precious time redirecting you to an emergency contact. Silent Beacon directly contacts emergency personnel, so you get the help you need – immediately.
  2. Use on all your devices. The Silent Beacon works with all smartphones and tablets.
  3. Purchase, download and install the app, and you’re good to go.
  4. Add emergency contacts, quickly and easily.
  5. Add up to 8 emergency contacts to your list.
  6. Program 911 and other emergency response numbers.
  7. Make a call or send a message with the tap of a button.
  8. Send a mass text message to all your emergency contacts.
  9. Email an emergency contact if you’re in distress.
  10. Send your exact location to your emergency contacts instantaneously.

Check out more features

  1. Get help in no time, thanks to the GPS-enabled locator.
  2. Help when you feel lost with our ‘directions’ feature.
  3. Stay mobile, feel free to travel knowing your device will work with your phone.
  4. Feel secure knowing that help is on the way, giving you time to focus on your emergency situation.
  5. Get in touch directly with your emergency contacts or 911. No need to talk to a call center agent.
  6. Save yourself the hassle of dialing a number or passcode before you can call for help.
  7. Use the app on any number of devices.
  8. Use it anytime, anywhere. No restrictions on distance or time.
  9. Keep yourself safe, even when you’re at risk of being injured.
  10. Call for immediate help in the case of a car accident, abduction, rape, assault attempt or burglary.
  11. Feel safe and protected whenever you leave the house.
  12. Respond to calls for help from your loved ones.
  13. Use our nudge feature to let loved ones know where you are or where you are going.
  14. Protect yourself without making a dent in your pocket with this affordable, life-saving app.
  15. Share your location with your contacts instantly. The app is GPS-enabled and provides instant alerts with your exact location to loved ones and emergency services, improving response time significantly.
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