Amazon is expanding its distribution networks worldwide as the popularity of online purchasing rises year after year. Amazon delivery drivers deliver parcels throughout the U.S. and beyond and enjoy multiple perks, such as freedom and not having to deal with uneven management at warehouses.

However, several safety risks are associated with the job, which is why amazon delivery drivers need a safety device.

What Safety Risks Are Amazon Delivery Drives Prone To?

The Strategic Organizing Center (SOC) recently conducted a study on Amazon that indicated increased injury rates among its contracted delivery drivers. Their injury rate is nearly 2.5 times higher than drivers working for rival companies. There are several reasons why injury rates are so high among Amazon delivery drivers. They include the following major safety concerns:

  • Meeting productivity quotas
  • Delivery in rural areas
  • Need for speed
  • Risky routes
  • Nighttime deliveries
  • Heightened safety risks in winters
  • Amazon’s no-weapon policy

Meeting Productivity Quotas

Productivity quotas are one of the most prominent factors that delivery drivers feel impact their safety. Drivers often miss their vehicle inspection to save time and meet their daily production quotas. They drive cars that may have significant safety problems, such as worn-out tires, faulty headlights and taillights, malfunctioning reverse cameras, and engine issues. These delivery van safety flaws may eventually result in accidents. 

Delivery In Rural Areas

In rural areas, the safety risks for amazon delivery drivers are high because the roads are bumpy, uneven, and not well-maintained. Rough terrain makes it challenging to concentrate simultaneously on driving and watching for suspicious activity. Night deliveries in rural areas are even worse because there aren’t enough street lights and few cars travel at night. 

Need For Speed

Drivers usually get to deliver hundreds of packages in a single shift. This ultimately affects worker safety as they drive fast to deliver Amazon products. The results are slips, stumbles, and falls when at a stop, as well as car accidents when they are driving.

Risky Routes

The routes determined by Amazon and the app used to grade drivers throughout their shifts are sometimes risky. On occasion, their route, which includes delivery to multiple residences, only includes one stop. The one-stop can often force drivers to cross significant highways at speed, increasing their chance of getting hit by other cars or tripping while rushing.

Night time Deliveries

Earlier, the shifts of Amazon delivery personnel used to end in the early evening. But over the past year, Amazon has implemented a 10-and-a-half-hour shift that starts at roughly 1 am and concludes at around 10 pm. The schedule has sped up product delivery for Amazon, but safety worries have increased. 

Drivers face several safety concerns because of the decreased nighttime visibility when driving and making deliveries. The risk of accidents increases, and drivers, especially women and people of color in rural regions, fear being attacked, harassed, or molested at height. The U.S. Department Of Transportation reports that 59.35% of fatal single-vehicle crashes occur due to nighttime driving. 

Amazon’s No-Weapon Policy

Although Amazon delivery drivers are independent contractors rather than employees, they risk losing their jobs if they are discovered to be in possession of a firearm. Even if a delivery driver has a concealed carry permit, Amazon has a stringent policy restricting delivery drivers from carrying guns. 

Safety on the road is an everyday concern for drivers due to the fact that they could be attacked at any time and won’t have any weapon for defense.

Heightened Risks In Winters

Delivery drivers already have challenges, which are exacerbated during Amazon’sAmazon’s peak season, which runs from Black Friday to Christmas, by having to work longer and later hours during the shortest days of the year.

How Will A Personal Safety Device Help Amazon Delivery Drivers?

Inform Their Family About Their Whereabouts

Even if you follow all driving safety precautions, another driver’s carelessness could result in severe accident trauma for you. With a panic button, you may be sure that you can notify your family about your whereabouts if any unexpected circumstances arise. 

Amazon delivery drivers might not be able to use their phones to ask for assistance when threatened. However, pressing a covert panic button is simple and discreet and can be done without the aggressor noticing.

Summon Immediate Police Help

Amazon delivery drivers are more vulnerable to road crimes. Package theft is a common fear among riders, and nighttime deliveries have additional risks. With a personal safety device, delivery drivers can immediately call 911. The device shares its real-time GPS location so that police can reach you fast. 

Call An Ambulance

In the event of an accident, you can use a personal safety device to summon an ambulance or notify your relatives to come to get you right away.

People injured in traffic accidents are better able to recover from the blow when they receive medical attention as soon as possible after the event. The time you save by getting urgent care could be used to save your life or prevent permanent impairment.

Stay Safe With Silent Beacon 

Silent Beacon’s panic button is a wearable Bluetooth personal safety device for amazon delivery drivers meant to keep you safe. Using the GPS on your smartphone, Silent Beacon employs SMS, email, and push notifications to instantly convey your location to those who can assist you in an emergency. This function adds a layer of security by allowing people to locate you in case you become unconscious or unable to communicate.

The panic button allows you to save local emergency contacts on your device and use it anywhere you go. The contacts can be customized according to different emergencies. 

Silent Beacon will function anywhere your smartphone can receive service. When delivering to a different city or a rural area, you can easily configure the Beacon to call your contacts at home and the emergency services in the place you are going to.

The emergency button is built to withstand a delivery driver’s active lifestyle. The device is strong and safe thanks to curved indentation buttons and UL-certified fire-retardant, water-resistant polycarbonate with a reinforced keychain region.

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