Everywhere you look, you see it: people on their cell phones. Whether they’re texting, making a call, or checking email, cell phone use is a typical part of modern society. However, has this 24/7 access to people and information created a false sense of security?

Most people assume that, in an emergency, all they would need to do is pull out their phones and call the police. But think about it: if you were in an emergency situation and your phone were in your purse or pocket, would you be able to access it in time? Worse yet, what if you had your phone in hand . . . but you were so nervous that you couldn’t accurately dial 911?

This was precisely what happened to Jane Simori (name has been changed) when a young man tried breaking into her house several years ago. The intruder thought the house was empty and started to run away when he realized someone was inside. But not before this brave woman actually confronted him. She warned him that she was calling 911, but as she dialed, her shaking hands kept pressing the wrong keys. Fortunately for Jane, the man fled without incident and was later captured by police after she regained enough composure to make the call.

This story begs the question

what if the intruder didn’t flee and had tried to attack her? If that were the case, this situation may not have had such a happy ending. However, all of this could have been avoided if Jane simply had an easy-to-use emergency alert system. She can have a system like Silent Beacon.

Silent Beacon is a revolutionary device that allows users to contact loved ones and emergency personnel instantly. No fumbling for cell phones and dialing numbers. Because with the touch of a button, loved ones are located quickly, saving precious minutes – and lives. For Jane and others like her, Silent Beacon is a godsend. Fortunately, anyone can ensure his or her personal safety today by downloading the free safety app. They can buy the affordable Silent Beacon device at silentbeacon.com too.

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