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Silent Beacon 2.0

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Introducing Silent Beacon 2.0

The Silent Beacon 2.0 is a safety device Bluetooth®  panic button that allows you to instantly call 911 and send your live GPS location to multiple contacts at once during an emergency.

Our technology allows you to call any number, including 911, at the touch of a button.  Simultaneously, it can send any family, friends or emergency services you have chosen, texts, push notification and email alerts accompanied by your current GPS location allowing you to receive help faster.


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What sets our Panic Button apart?​

Call Any Phone Number

Our panic button is the only device on the market that allows you to choose which phone number you want called during an emergency.

Multiple Alert Modes

Along with the regular alert mode we also have a Silent Mode, Check-In Alert, Low Battery Alert and Footstep Tracking Alert.

Alert Other Beacons

Any of your Emergency Contacts can have their Beacon alerted if you are in an emergency just in case. you do not hear your phone ring.

100% Private

We only send out your location when you press the Alert Button. Your location is private and not stored or seen by us at any other time.

Extended Battery Life

Our Silent Beacon 2.0 gives you over 40 days battery life while connected. The Beacon can last up to 6 months on a single charge.

Water Resistant IPX4

Our device is certified for water resistance with an Ingress Protection Rating of X4. The Microphone, USB port and Speaker are also Waterproof.

Call any number including 911

Different emergencies require different responses. Silent Beacon allows you to customize who you call for help, whether that’s 911, emergency services, a family member or friend, even phone numbers overseas.

Set your Silent Beacon to call 911, emergency personnel or loved ones with one press of a button. Our panic button is the only wearable personal safety device on the market that allows you to choose which phone number you wish to call during an emergency.

Multiple Alert Modes

Emergency Alert Mode

Places a phone call and sends your GPS location to your Emergency Contacts and emergency personnel which can include 911

Silent Mode

Discreetly places an Emergency phone call without giving away that you have triggered your Silent Beacon by muting the speaker and light


Sends your GPS location with a custom message letting people know you are OK


Sends your current location in real-time allowing your Emergency Contacts to know where you are in case you feel unsafe

Low Battery

Sends a text message to you and your chosen Emergency Contacts letting them know your Silent Beacon battery level is low

Enterprise Safety Solutions

Silent Beacon’s Enterprise Safety Solutions (ESS) is a workplace safety suite that integrates our award-winning panic buttons with our customizable mass alert portal, mobile app and optional 24-hour monitoring service.
We have created an area of the website dedicated to helping all size businesses get help creating a customized dashboard and mass alert system.