[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]According to the NHTSA, drinking and driving kills 28 people a day in the U.S. — about one person every 52 minutes. That is more than 10,000 lives lost each year to drunk driving. December is all about going out and partying hard. Everyone is all pumped up to enjoy the holiday season by gulping a couple of drinks. The main problem arises when you grab the steering wheel. Your ability to operate a vehicle is impaired by the effects of illegal drugs, prescription medication, or a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.08 grams per deciliter or higher.

December is National Drunk Driving Prevention Month or National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. Every year, organizations come together to raise awareness regarding drunk driving and its impact on society.

Drivers of all ages (and especially those over 21) need to be mindful of how they can drive safely during this busy time when many people drink alcohol heavily before heading out on their annual holiday road trip with family or friends in town. Thus, if you want to know more about Drunk Driving Prevention Month, then this piece of information is undoubtedly made for you!

What to do this National Drunk Driving Prevention Month?

  • Become a responsible driver: When you offer up your services as a ride home for friends, it will make an impression that no one can resist. You are the only person who knows what is best and will not break their chances by being there when things go wrong or staying afterward just in case someone needs help.

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  • Challenge yourself: December is a wonderful time to get serious about cutting back on your drinking. Give yourself a present, and it is not just any old one. Give your body the gift of health by setting aside time without drinking alcohol for an extended period- even longer than you think necessary! You may see benefits in weight loss or higher energy levels if this is something that interests you as well.

How About Relying On Silent Beacon?

Wondering about how to drive drunk safely?

A simple push of the button can save your life. Silent Beacon is a wearable device that allows you to call 911, emergency personnel, or loved ones in an instant with just one touch! 

This panic button gives people peace of mind knowing they are not alone and has been proven by experts who recommend it as “the only wearable personal safety product” in today’s market.

What Is So Special About Silent Beacon?

Silent Beacon has teamed up with some incredible partners to ensure you are never left alone if something goes wrong- even when it feels safest! 

The safety features are endless: this system connects people instantly using GPS coordinates and calling 911 and sends text messages and voice calls right away. 

So loved ones can know what happened without having to wait around for responders on the scene or holding their phones above head level while trying desperately to call out over crowds. Other salient features of Silent Beacon may include:

  • The personal safety app lets you connect to multiple people at once so that they can be alerted to any emergency. You also have the option for voice alerts, which means whatever is happening will not go unnoticed!


  • The app will show you exactly where your vehicle is located at any given time, as well as allow for either a satellite or map view. This information can be sent directly to other people who may need it during an emergency, so they know what direction of travel their loved one has taken!


  • With the calling feature on, you can place and receive calls as well as send messages.

In short, opting for Silent Beacon can be a great idea, especially during the drunk driving prevention month, because you never know when an emergency can arrive, even if you are trying your best to be sober!

Drunk Driving Safety Tips

The holidays are a time to celebrate, but they also increase traffic accidents due to drinking alcohol and driving. 

In fact, over 45 people die daily from drunk drivers during this period of the year alone! These statistics show that it is not too early yet for you to think about understanding drunk driving safety tips so you and your family can stay safe on the roads as well.

Wondering what are some of the best drunk driving safety tips? Well, we have your back!

  • The best way to ensure that you do not get so drunk while driving home after an evening out with friends or family members is by asking them if they can keep hold of your keys unless the host believes it is safe for him/herself and guarantee checking in at regular intervals.

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  • The cost of a human soul is simply too high to take lightly. If you feel woozy or have doubts about your ability to make decisions, call an Uber and keep everybody safe until everything feels better again!


  • You can avoid any unpleasantness at your next party by ensuring that everyone has had enough to drink but keep everything nonalcoholic. Make nonalcoholic drinks available for designated drivers and those who do not want anything alcoholic.


  • Offer your couch to a friend who may be too drunk for the car. You could save their life!


  • DUI’s and DWI’s are incredibly dangerous. You could end up in jail; your license might get suspended, or even worse – you may cause an accident that kills someone else! It does not matter how confident you feel about getting away with driving while intoxicated because it has the opposite effect on those around us.


  • If you are a frequent drinker, it is important to know the effects of alcohol on your body. The truth is that most people need an hour after drinking before they can drive safely again!  For every standard “glass” (12 ounces) worth beer or wine, there are five operational hours where this liquid will be going through digestion and absorption processes which means if someone has had more than one glass during these timelines – say from 8 pm until bedtime for instance- then their next driving feat should occur sometime around noon


  • Use a personal safety device like Silent Beacon to ensure no accidents happen. If you feel wobbly, just press the panic button, and your emergency contacts will be informed in no time. 

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