How the Silent Beacon Works



Download the Silent Beacon
Safety App from the App Store.


Charge and Pair your Silent Beacon to our Safety App.


When needed press the Beacon to get help.

Secure Yourself with the Silent Beacon Personal Safety Device in an Emergency

The Silent Beacon is a wearable, wireless device (panic button) that connects to smartphones, tablets and other compatible Bluetooth™ devices. Silent Beacon is used by real estate agents, shipping companies, teachers, laboratories, group homes, universities along with their students and parents. The Beacon can place a call to your loved-ones or emergency personnel in a life alerts emergency situation accompanied with your GPS location.

  • Two-Way Communication

    Speak directly into the Silent Beacon, no need to touch your phone.

  • Rechargeable Battery

    Charge on the go using our Micro-USB plug.
  • Four Vibrant Colors

    Choose a color that best matches you.
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    Reinforced area for attaching
    keychains or lanyards

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    Vibration function to
    include your alert status

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    Multi-colored LED

    Multi-colored LED lights for visual confirmation during alerts,charging and connectivity.

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    Simple and Fast

    Enlarged buttons for simple use and fast activation

  • Water Resistant

    Worry less about the weather conditions and more about your personal safety.

  • Call Anyone

    Any number you store in our Safety App can be called from the Beacon.

  • Silent Alert Mode

    Call for help without tipping off those around you.

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    Speaker Equipped

    A large speaker equipped with noise
    cancellation microphone for clear communication

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    Indented buttons to help
    reduce false alerts

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    Free accessory clip include
    allowing for complete mobility!

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    Micro USB

    Micro-USB port, with a dust/water resistant cover.

One Simple Press of the Silent Beacon

Call for help without touching your phone

Send your location instantly when you need help

Notify all of your emergency contacts at once

Download our Free Safety App

With one touch you can send text messages, push notifications, email and send voice calls to your pre-stored emergency contacts inside the Safety App. Best of all there is no mandatory monthly fees and you can download our Silent Beacon Safety App for life alerts for FREE!

  • No Monthly Fees

    Uses your smartphone’s cellular service to keep you from unnecessary fees!

  • Non Emergency Mode

    Let loved-ones know you are OK with our “Nudge” feature.

  • Live Tracking

    In alert mode you can send your GPS location to be tracked in real-time.

  • Customizable Alerts

    Type your own messages and choose how you want people notified.

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  • Multiple Alert Methods

    Send alerts through text messages, push notifications and e-mails.

  • Call 911 or Loved-ones

    Set the Safety App to call 911, emergency responders or any pre-stored number.

  • Lost Device Finder

    Use the Beacon as a lost item finder when within Bluetooth range.

  • Know your Battery Life

    The Beacon’s battery life can be viewed as well as notify loved-ones when it needs charging.