Introducing the Silent Beacon™ Panic Button

The Silent Beacon is a Bluetooth® personal safety device that pairs to your smartphone or tablet.

The only personal safety device on the market with zero monthly fees. Stay safe, with Silent Beacon!

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Silent Beacon Wearable Personal Safety Device

Our technology allows you to call any number, including 911, at the touch of a button.  Simultaneously, it can send any family, friends or emergency services you have chosen, texts, push notification and email alerts accompanied by your current GPS location allowing you to receive help faster.


Different emergencies require different responses. Silent Beacon allows you to customize who you alert for help, via email, push notification, text message, or phone call.


Set your Silent Beacon to call 911, emergency personnel or loved ones with one press of a button. Our panic button is the only wearable personal safety device on the market that allows you to choose which phone number you wish to call during an emergency.

Hello Community Tab!

A brand new section of our Free Safety Application is the community area. A place where you can report incidents or emergency’s to those around you who also have Silent Beacon products.

View, Report or navigate around potential hazards, emergencies or chaotic events. Even post photos of the emergency so others can help or steer clear and help give an advantage to any emergency personnel who may be headed into danger.

Silent Beacon Personal Safety Device Design Features

We use UL-Certified fire retardant plastic on our panic buttons, our product box is made from fully recyclable cardboard and uses no toxic chemicals.

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    Rechargeable Battery

    Fully rechargeable and allows you to monitor battery life for added peace of mind.

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    Free accessory clip allowing for complete mobility.

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    Speaker Equipped

    A large speaker equipped with noise cancellation microphone for clear communication.

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    Silent Alert Mode

    With one press, you can disable the sounds and lights to discreetly send for help without anyone knowing. 

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    Multi-color LEDs

    Multi-colored LED lights for visual confirmation during alerts, charging and connectivity.

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    Built to Last

    Water-resistant, UL-certified fire-retardant plastic with a reinforced keychain area keeps the device sturdy and safe, while curved indented buttons help reduce false alerts.

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    Reduce False Alerts

    Indented buttons help prevent false alerts from occurring.

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    Vibration functionality to physically allow you to know your alert status.


Call for help without touching your phone

Send your location instantly when you need help

Notify all of your emergency contacts at once

Download Our Free Safety App

With one touch of a button you can send text messages, push notifications, emails and voice calls to your emergency contacts. Our safety app is free to download and there are no monthly fees if you own the Silent Beacon device.

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    No Monthly Fees

    Uses your smartphone’s cellular service to keep you from unnecessary fees!

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    Non Emergency Mode

    Let loved ones know you are OK with our “Nudge” feature.

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    Live Tracking

    In alert mode you can send your GPS location to be tracked in real time.

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    Customizable Alerts

    Type your own messages and choose how you want people notified.

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    Multiple Alert Methods

    Send alerts through text messages, push notifications and emails.

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    Call 911 or Loved Ones

    Set the Safety App to call 911, emergency responders or any phone number.

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    Lost Device Finder

    Use the Beacon as a lost item finder when within Bluetooth® range.

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    Know Your Battery Life

    The Beacon’s battery life can be viewed as well as notify loved ones, when it needs charging.