December 20, 2019

Travel Safety Tips During the Holidays

During this festive time of year, many people travel to visit family and friends for the holidays. Sometimes, those trips involve overnight stays and/or long-distance travel. If you’re one of the many holiday travelers this year, follow these travel safety tips and holiday safety tips to reach your destination safely and fully enjoy each moment:

Travel Safety Tips

  • Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Reach Your Destination

If you’re traveling by car, that means leaving plenty of time to get to your friend or family member’s house. Traffic can be heavier during this time of year, so you’ll want to overestimate your travel time, to ensure you’re not feeling frazzled or running late. If you’re traveling by air, train, or other public transportation, give yourself extra time to wait in long holiday lines for tickets and/or security checks. Giving yourself a time buffer will guarantee that you don’t miss your scheduled flight or train.

  • Pack Smart is the Best Travel Safety Tips

If you’re headed to a cold-weather destination, do you have enough warm clothing, jackets/coats, boots, gloves, and hats? And if you’re driving to an area that may experience cold temperatures and snow take some time before leaving to make sure your car is ready for the trip. First, check to make sure that your gas tank is full and that all fluids in the vehicle are topped off. Then, throw some blankets in the car (to keep yourself warm if you need to wait for roadside assistance), in the event of a breakdown.

travel safety tips and Device

  • Bring Silent Beacon with You on Your Trip

One of your most important travel safety tips is to carry Silent Beacon with you at all times – especially during the holiday season. As you travel, accidents and emergencies can sometimes arise. And although we hate to think of crime, injury, etc. ruining such joyous occasions, the Silent Beacon can give you and your family peace of mind, knowing that help is on the way . . . whenever and wherever you need it.

The Silent Beacon is a lightweight, Bluetooth-enabled personal safety device that pairs with the free app allowing you to call for help with the touch of a single button. Simply press the panic button on the Silent Beacon device. All of your contacts – including emergency personnel – will immediately receive an alert via text message, phone call, and/or email, to let them know you’re in trouble. With the Beacon’s GPS technology, it’s never been easier for first responders to arrive on the scene, ready to help you in your emergency situation. Plus, if you are traveling internationally or don’t have access to cell phone service, Silent Beacon will still continue to work.

If you enable the two-way communication feature, you can speak to your primary contact while you wait for help to arrive. And what if it’s not a true emergency . . . but you just want to let others know that you’re okay? Activate the nudge feature to reassure loved ones that you’re safe and sound.

Holiday Safety Tips and Device

Of course, traveling is just the first part of your vacation. Now that you’ve arrived at your destination, let the celebrations begin responsibly (and safely) with these holiday safety tips:

  • Don’t drink and drive

It may seem obvious, but it’s all too common to read tragic stories of people who got behind the wheel when they were impaired from drugs or alcohol. If you plan to indulge in more than just cookies and candy during the holidays, plan your transportation ahead of time. Whether it will be by designating a driver, arranging for an Uber, or simply spending the night at your host’s house.

  • Read the directions for any gifts you receive

Some gifts come with a safety manual – and for good reason. From small parts that are choking hazards for young children to motorized gifts like scooters and quads. It is critical that the gift recipient understands how to use or operate the gift safely.

  • Don’t Celebrate Alone

Not only is it more fun to go out with friends and family during the holidays, but celebrating alone can also make you a target in the eyes of a criminal. Think about it: someone who is looking to attack or steal from a stranger is more likely to do so if that person is by himself or herself. Attackers know that if you’re with someone else, it’s much more difficult to prevent two (or more) people. It’s much difficult to safe from running away, fighting back, or successfully calling for help.

Even if you’re out with friends and family or visiting someone’s home, don’t let your guard down by traveling alone. Visit them by accompanying you at least one other person. Sadly, it’s too easy for someone with dangerous intentions to approach a person who just got into a cab alone. It is also dangerous to walking back to the hotel alone, etc.

  • Keep Silent Beacon with you during the trip

Whether you’re at someone’s house, staying in a hotel, or meeting up at a restaurant or club, the Silent Beacon is the perfect safety device to carry during your entire vacation. If you have an accident, get sick, or become the victim of a crime at any point, you’ll instantly have access to immediate assistance from emergency personnel.

Unlike other pricey safety devices that require costly startup fees, mandatory subscriptions, and inactivation charges, Silent Beacon is affordably priced. It has not any hidden charges. In fact, you may want to stock up on several Beacons, so you can give the gift of safety to your friends and family as well.

No matter how far you travel this year – and no matter how long you’ll be away. Follow the above explained holiday safety tips and travel safety tips to enjoy the season without incident.

If you don’t already have a Silent Beacon to give you that all-important peace of mind, purchase yours today at

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