Silent Beacon's Panic Buttons

The Silent Beacon emergency alert system helps you instantly connect with loved-ones or emergency personnel in an emergency situation at the push of the wireless panic button. Having two approved US Patents, the Silent Beacon when connected with our safety app provides users with the flexibility to alert loved ones or emergency personnel in an emergency situation. Watch the video to see the flexibility and simplicity of having the Silent Beacon in your life.

Loud Speaker

A large speaker enables you to talk directly into the Beacon without the need to touch your phone


Vibration functionality allowing you to know when alerts have been started and ended

Multi-Colored LED

Multi-colored LED light allows for visual confirmation during alerts, charging and connectivity.

Power On / Off

Turn the Beacon off when you do not use it and save even more battery life

3D image of the Silent Beacon, blue light glowing from Beacon to show you it is connected to the App.


noise cancellation water proof microphone for clearer communication

Multiple Buttons

Multiple buttons allowing for more alert modes and functionality

Water proof USB port

Water proof USB port with rechargeable battery allowing you to stay connected

Multi-Colored LED

Multi-colored LED light allows for visual confirmation during alerts, charging and connectivity.

2.0 Beacon Features

Power Button

Have the ability to turn your Beacon on and off when not in use

Silent mode

Allows you to send alerts discreetly without anyone knowing

Footsteps alert

Share your location with people when you feel unsafe or just want people to know where you are going

Check In

Send a GPS map of your current location to let people know where you are and that you are OK

Included Accessories

3D image of the accessory clip attached to the Silent Beacon

Black Rubber Wrist Band

Comes with a universal 18mm connector wristband. We made the band universal so you can choose any band and material you wish.

USB-C cord wrapped in circles with both ends showing

Plastic Accessory Clip

Utilize this to clip the Beacon to articles of clothing or other items you may carry.

A 3d image with the Silent Beacon fixed to the wristband it comes with, made from rubber.

3 Foot USB-C Cord

A 3 foot USB charger allows you to quickly charge and connect your Silent Beacon anywhere you have a USB port.


Universal Band

Uses an 18mm universal band, allowing you to choose from our own shop or purchase your own from your favorite watchband website.

5 Silent Beacon devices on wristbands, the colors of the bands are red, white, green, blue, black

Connects to our Free App

Multiple Alert Modes

Use multiple Alert Modes including Check-in, Footsteps, Emergency Alert and Silent Mode.

Find Me Feature

The App is able to alert your Beacon if you lose it with lights, vibration and audio.

Beacon to Beacon Alerts

If another Beacon user has saved you as an Emergency Contact you can set your Beacon to alert you if they are in an emergency.

Firmware Updates

You receive free firmware updates which upgrades our features and the overall security of our products.

A how to setup guide to show you how to properly connect you 2.0 Panic Button to the Silent Beacon Personal Safety App Device. 

Need help setting your Beacon up?

Use our online guides and videos to help you better understand how to use the Silent Beacon 2.0 Panic Button and Safety Application.

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