Emergency alert system with a Panic Button

The Silent Beacon emergency alert system helps you instantly connect with loved-ones or emergency personnel in an life alert emergency situation at the push of a panic button. Having two approved US Patents, the Silent Beacon when connected with our safety app provides users with the flexibility to alert loved ones or emergency personnel in a life alert situation. Watch the video to see the flexibility and simplicity of having the Silent Beacon in your life.

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    Reinforced area for attaching
    keychains or lanyards

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    Vibration function to
    include your alert status

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    Multi-colored LED

    Multi-colored LED lights for visual confirmation during alerts,charging and connectivity.

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    Simple and Fast

    Enlarged buttons for simple use and fast activation

Safety Personal Device
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    Speaker Equipped

    A large speaker equipped with noise
    cancellation microphone for clear communication

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    Indented buttons to help
    reduce false alerts

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    Free accessory clip include
    allowing for complete mobility!

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    Micro USB

    Micro-USB port, with a dust/water resistant cover.

Safety App and Personal Safety Alarm System Demo and How To Video.
Checkout our video on how to use Silent Beacon.


Call for help without touching your phone

Send your location instantly when you need help

Notify all of your emergency contacts at once

Emergency Beacon Clip

Accessory Clip

Free accessory clip included with the Silent Beacon emergency alert system.  Attach your device to clothing, your belt or other object to have a handsfree experience.

Personal Safety Vibration Beacon


Powerful 2.3 volt Vibration motor that assists in indicating your Beacon’s status.

Emergency Call Button Beacon

Alert Buttons

Enlarged buttons for simple use and activation.  Indented on each side to help reduce false emergency alerts.

Personal Security Devices

Multi-colored LED Lights

Multi -Colors LED lights for visual confirmation during alerts, charging and connectivity.

emergency alert system

Micro-USB port

Micro-USB port, with a
dust/water resistant cover.

Panic Button

Speaker & Microphone

A large micro dynamic speaker helps you hear the person you call and a Slim UltraMini SiSonic™ Microphone helps them hear you for clear communication.

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