November 6, 2018

How Silent Beacon is Best For Todays Seniors as Compared to the Outdated PERs products?

Use Silent Beacon for life saving alert emergency system for seniors with new technology and excellent features. Buy Silent Beacon devices now in affordable price!

Today, seniors want the same freedoms and mobility they have experienced their entire lives. With the digital age, we have seen a large increase in exploration tours geared towards older adults and the senior market. Guided tours with educational value sit at the top of travel. But going to see extended family and loves ones is still pretty high. Regardless, older adults are traveling more and want to be as safe as possible.

What would you use if you were to travel, or have someone travel?  Would you use a system that was designed to connect to a house phone or an active system for adults? What about the other emergency alert systems currently on the market?  The majority of older adults want to enjoy life, not be restricted by systems that were created in the 90s. To assume anyone over 60 needs to pay a monthly fee to feel safer is probably now aware of current technology being used. Silent Beacon utilizes the GPS and mass alert features of today’s smartphone and delivers alerts in one burst, via App.

What Aruna Miller Said about Silent Beacon?

Aruna Miller from the Maryland House of Delegates praised the Silent Beacon and its abilities. We are thrilled to receive this letter and I am glad people see the possibilities in utilizing smartphone technology. That is helping remove the mandatory monthly fees that other companies were able to charge for decades. “I read with fascination the store in the Gazette on your invention, the Silent Beacon. It uses GPS to alert one’s personal contacts or professional responders in the event of an emergency, strikes me both innovated and much needed”. She goes on to say “I am always pleased when I learn that a constituent of mine users his/her skills, knowledge, and entrepreneurial spirit to help make our community. It helps our state, and even our nation, safer places in which to live. Thank you so much for your contribution to that endeavor.”

Silent Beacon emergency alert system requires no monthly fees, we do offer this protection to people who feel they need it. But no longer are mostly fees and early deactivation fees needed. We give users the freedom to add and delete who they wish, and at a onetime retail cost. In this way you save add up every month you use our product!

Comparison of Silent Beacon and Other Alert Systems

The Silent Beacon can call loved-ones, call 911 or any phone number you store. Other products can only call their 3rd party Call Center.
The Beacon can also send text messages and email messages to your loved ones. It is letting the maximum number of people in your circle know you need them. Silent Beacon will notify everyone at once. Yes, the digital age has caught up with home automation, surveillance. Now personal safety and Silent Beacon is on the cutting edge of the internet of things regarding the emergency situations.


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