October 1, 2019

International Older Persons Day: Keeping Senior Safety in Mind

Years ago, living past age 80 would have been considered impressive – and senior safety was rare. But not today: with an average life expectancy of 80 years, becoming an octogenarian isn’t the exception – it’s becoming the rule. Not only that, but the “number of Americans ages 65 and older is expected to double from 52 million in 2018 to 95 million by 2060.”

However, these older individuals aren’t simply sitting around all day. Instead, many senior citizens are living more active lives than ever before. International Older Persons Day is the perfect way to celebrate this very special, wise segment of our population.

When thinking about the older person (or people) in your life, it is important to consider senior safety. That’s why we’ve compiled the following list of easy-to-implement tips for the senior citizen in your life:


Whether it’s a visit, phone call, text or email, check-in regularly with your loved one. Not only will this connection communicate that you care, but it also helps you keep tabs on him or her.

Regular communication allows you to monitor the older person’s health and well being, too. For example, you might notice that Grandma’s limp is getting worse, and it’s time to call the podiatrist for an appointment. Or, if your Great Uncle seems to be forgetting to take his medicines, you may need to let a medical professional know about the forgetfulness (and the missed doses).

By having scheduled times to touch base with one another, it will become clear very quickly if the older person doesn’t respond to a scheduled visit or call. These predictable check-ins will instantly alert you to a dangerous situation, accident, or other emergencies.

Be proactive

Don’t wait for problems to arise. Instead, consider senior safety from a proactive stance. Consider what you can do to help before emergencies arise. For example, is your loved one staying on top of his or her doctor’s appointments? This is critical, especially if there are chronic health conditions.

Think about it: if the senior citizen in your life is diabetic and takes time to eat healthfully, monitor blood sugar levels. And visit the doctor, chances are much better that any medical “red flags” will become obvious immediately. And that means that you can deal with problems right away – instead of waiting until the person’s health disintegrates past the point of no return.

There are also many innovative products for the elderly on the market that help you anticipate ways to prevent accidents. Consider devices that make bending – and therefore losing balance and falling – unnecessary.

There are “grippers” that allow someone to pick up items without bending over. Meanwhile, shower chairs ensure safety while bathing. And then there are zipper pullers and long-handled shoehorns that eliminate the need to balance and bend in ways that may be difficult for the individual.

Accident-proof living spaces for senior safety

Just as you would baby- and toddler-proof your house to keep little ones safe, older individuals need some extra attention, too. Slips and falls are common among the older age bracket, so make sure that the living environment is a safe one.

First, look at the steps to ensure that stair treads and railings are secure and in good condition. Then check rugs and carpeting. Are there any frayed or worn areas of the carpet where someone may trip or stumble? Are area rugs slip-proof? Make sure there are no edges that stick up. If the rug slides, purchase a non-slip rug pad to prevent slips, trips, and falls.

Examine outlets and extension cords to prevent daisy chains or overcrowded outlets – all of which create fire hazards. When possible, purchase appliances with automatic shut-offs. Forgetfulness happens, and it can be increasingly common as someone ages to forget to turn off a stove, iron, or coffee maker.

Get Silent Beacon

Fortunately, there are other innovative products for the elderly – and Silent Beacon is at the forefront of this movement. Silent Beacon empowers seniors to stay active and enjoy peace of mind with the small, lightweight senior safety alert. The Bluetooth-enabled Silent Beacon allows the user to press the button during an emergency. Then this will alert friends, family, and emergency personnel that there is a problem. Pressing the button triggers alerts that can be pushed out to the user’s contacts in the form of texts, phone calls, and/or emails.

innovative products for elderly

Once an alert is triggered, emergency personnel can easily use the Beacon’s GPS technology to identify the user’s location. This saves precious minutes, allowing help to arrive on the scene as quickly as possible.

Set up is simple, too: simply purchase the personal safety device, pair it with the free app, and add in contacts. Then, determine which features you wish to enable, such as two-way communication. Now, your loved one can carry the Silent Beacon wherever he or she goes. If an emergency situation arises, assistance is on the way!

In an era of scam artists and hidden charges, Silent Beacon is committed to affordable senior safety, without recurring expenses and fees. The Silent Beacon is priced at $99, and this offers you the full range of features and benefits the device. There are never any start-up, activation, or cancellation fees – ever!

Follow these tips – and consider purchasing the suggested home safety products for seniors. The device will keep your older loved one as safe as possible. Even if an emergency does occur, knowing that Silent Beacon allows the user to contact emergency personnel give you and your loved ones priceless peace of mind.



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