Nurses form an integral part of the health care system. In any field, they need to be present for assistance and care and are the backbone of care-taking. Acknowledging their efforts, we also need to be mindful of what they are doing. This is to underline the fact that their efforts aren’t in vain and that their needs are also met. But the nurses safety is also important at their workplace.

Nurses Safety Tips: Here’s a list of what nurses should do and how we can assist them to make sure they stay safe

Care and Well-Being

Being responsible for taking care of patients, nurses have to be extra careful with how they work. They are not only responsible for giving their patients medicine but also be mindful of their habits, routines, and day-to-day interactions. It takes way more than just supervision when it comes to their job, as nurses ensure that the patient gets the care they need. While this is something they need to do, the least we can do is be polite and not take our frustration out on them; remembering they are human just like us.

Nurses have to be very vigilant and alert at all times while on shift. Apart from being mindful of the patients’ intake and surroundings, they also need to take care of themselves since they are regularly in contact with sick patients. They need to consider each minute and action that they are investing in very carefully. We can help them out by being aware of what we can do to lessen their burden. And does not create extra work on the certified nurses day.

Certified Nurses Day: Maintaining Good Hygiene

Patients are not always able to look after their personal hygiene, and it is up to the nurse to do that for them. This becomes extremely difficult when nurses are dealing with a variety of patients. Each visitor needs to try and take accountability of hygiene around the patient. It allows the nurse to focus on patient care, and not have to worry about cleaning and taking care of people with the patient. As a visitor, be careful about what you bring to the patient and if it is sanitized along with maintaining proper distance with the patient and possibly infected items so that the nurse does not have to take care of another person catching the patients’ contagious disease or inviting more microbes to their weak immunity.

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Working around patients all day makes it imperative for nurses to also maintain their own personal hygiene. They need to constantly wash their hands, sanitize items they use, and maintain proper distance, especially when dealing with patients that have contagious diseases. We can help healthcare workers like nurses maintain their hygiene by washing our hands and practicing proper hygiene.

Traveling Late

Often, nurses commute during late or odd hours, especially when responding to emergencies. We must consider their privacy and safety when we see them traveling to and from work. We should try to be vigilant and protect patients and nurses from unhealthy and unsafe surroundings.

Administration and Monitoring

Not only do nurses have to be careful of patients’ activities, but they have to be medically cautious of doing the right thing the right way. Most times, they are the ones that help the doctor catch discrepancies in critical medical cases thanks to their attention to detail and observant job. They need to be very careful in monitoring, especially the medical variations, which are later indicative of a pattern or might mean something different altogether. We can help them by being cooperative and listening to what they say, owing to their experience and profession. This is essential to have smooth and correct actions.

Since nurses tend to patients regularly, it is their responsibility to monitor that they eat and drink while also taking care of their medicines, exercise, and rest. Nurses must follow rules, regulations and responsibilities diligently. And it is incredibly crucial that they make the best use of their time. With proper administration and monitoring, a nurse can observe when there is any sort of change that the body might be experiencing. This helps in early detection and action, which makes the further process of healing much easier.

Nurses Safety : Protect Yourself with Silent Beacon

certified nurses day for safety

Silent Beacon is a wearable panic button that sends alerts and calls for help instantly. Nurses can use this device as a safety measure to help them. Send and receive emergency alerts directly to their Silent Beacon if their phone is out of reach. Unlike competing devices, Silent Beacon charges no monthly or hidden fees.

Once you purchase your device and connect it with your smartphone or tablet’s Bluetooth® Nurses Safety app. You won’t have to worry about additional fees or setup costs. This will help them protect themselves during their odd commute hours. They can send their GPS location in real-time via text, email, and push notifications to people who can help them in an emergency. With one press, nurses can disable the sounds and lights to discreetly send for help without anyone knowing.  

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