November 12, 2018

How Safety Beacon can Help You during Wildfires and Bear Attack?

Silent Beacon is affordable wearable safety beacon that helps you during wildfires or bears attack by emergency button feature. Order today.

While hiking in the middle of a remote mountain region, you could be attacked by a bear or threatened to be burnt by the forest fire. Silent Beacon can help you alert emergency services who would locate you easily to facilitate rescue. The GPS tracking safety beacon unit fitted in the device will communicate your exact location to your emergency contacts and by so doing you would be rescued as quickly as possible.

Hiking can be a fun activity. Carrying along an emergency panic button can ensure that it is done in a safe manner. Hiking is usually done in the countryside, with the benefit of the woods and remote mountains. Going into these terrains exposes people to brutal attacks by bears or other wild animals. But some of the recorded attacks happen due to the negligence of the humans as against the wild instincts of the bears. When hiking in the woods, another potential eventuality is the onset of wildfires. Knowing what to do under such conditions can determine whether a person returns from a hiking trip alive, injured or dead.

How to Prevent Bear Attacks from Safety Beacon

Black bears are common in all the states of the US, while Grizzly bears are restricted to particular locations. To stay safe and ward off an attack from any type of bear, you should take note of the following:

1. Do not Approach a Bear:  Approaching a bear sends the wrong signal of confrontation to the wild animal. It is likely going to charge at you and attack. Do not even try to feed a bear in the forest during your hiking adventure.
2. Make Some Noise While You Walk: Making a noise like clapping, singing and laughing will alert the bear that people are passing and therefore it may not be surprised at the sight of you. Surprised bears are more likely going to attack.
3. Let the Dog Stay at Home: Do not carry a dog when hiking in bear territory. Dogs can attract bears and bring their attention ultimately to you.
4. Drop on the Ground and Pretend to be Dead: If a bear touches you, fall to the ground and pretend to be dead but press your emergency panic button. A defensive bear will not attack if it feels that you are dead and not a threat.

How to Stay Safe during a Wildfire?

You may be hiking in the woods when a wildfire sets in; the following tips can help you to be safe if such an incident occurs.

1. Notify Emergency Services: You can press your emergency call button or call 911 to notify them of the wildfire in case you need help to escape
2. Prepare to Evacuate: Once you notice the fire and its approach, prepare to evacuate. Pack up personal property and leave the forest before the fire gets to you.
3. Protect Yourself from Smoke: Smoke is a major derivative of wildfires that can pose problems for you. Try to protect yourself from it by covering your nose and mouth with damp clothing to guard against inhaling the smoke.

Silent Beacon is the most advanced personal alert system that is available in the market today. It has unique features designed with the total safety and appropriate emergency response of the user in mind. The device allows you to contact the emergency services or your loved ones during emergencies at the press of a button. You do not need to use your mobile phone, type and search for emergency numbers to make a call. You might be challenged with network coverage if you are hiking on remote mountains and your phone signals may be lost.

Silent Beacon frees you from such inadequacies. You just need to press a button to send an alert message to your pre-stored emergency contacts to get help. Before you set out on your next hiking trip, you should contact us to place an order for your Silent Beacon personal emergency safety device.  Our team member who would respond to you will be happy to provide details of the device you require. They will show you how to start pressing your emergency button.

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