November 5, 2018

A Pre-Thanksgiving for the families of those who need help the most.

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This time of year brings joy to those who receive help, but also for those who enjoy the feeling of giving back.


When Kenneth Kelley, the President of Silent Beacon, came up with the idea of showing a holiday meal for the Thanksgiving-themed website, he was unwilling to eat the meal himself.  Instead, he wanted to give the food used for the shoot to people who would benefit from it the most.  Many items were made and purchased to show holiday spirit, and after 5 hours of cooking, the shoot was ready!

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We decided to give back to the community by donating the turkey, delicious sides and desserts to the Pediatric Units of MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. The facility allows for people to donate food to the family lounge so that the families of those visiting their sick children are able to stay longer without worrying about how to feed themselves when this valuable time should be spent with their loved ones.

We hope the great staff members who work long shifts are able to grab a bite when they feel hungry too, and we want them to know how much we appreciate them and their endless dedication.

It was a good time!  We respect the privacy of the families so we did not ask to take photos of them, but just told them to help themselves to anything they wanted.

Hopefully we will be able to do more shoots and events in the future that will allow us to give back to the community, as this has been the goal of Silent Beacon since the beginning.

Happy Thanksgiving from Silent Beacon!


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