October 17, 2018

The Silent Beacon Medical Alert System : A Must-Have for Older Adults and Senior Citizens

The Silent Beacon medical alert systems or medical alert device making peace of mind possible for senior citizens and their loved ones.

2030. This is the year that experts project senior citizens will “outnumber children for the first time in United States History.” This is also the year that “all baby boomers will be older than age 65. [This means that] every 1 in 5 residents will be retirement age.”1 With these increased numbers come increased needs. One of these essentials for any senior citizen is the need for the medical alert systems. “You may ask, why are medical alert systems or medical alert device so critical for this age group? Consider the following facts, and you will begin to understand the importance of having a medical alert device.”

A Matter of Life and Death: In an Emergency, Timing Makes the Difference

While it is true that medical emergencies occur in all age groups, the mortality rates for the elderly can be much higher than that of younger people. For example, an older patient with abdominal pains is not only more likely to need surgery but also seven times more likely to die from that surgery. Heart attacks among older people are another area of concern. If an elderly patient isn’t treated within 72 hours of a heart attack, the mortality rate for this age group is once again higher than for younger populations.2 This is why having access to help, 24/7, with a medical alert bracelet or medical alert device is the key. Without exaggeration, medical alert systems can make all the difference between life and death for this age group.

Home Alone: Medical Alert Devices Provide Critical Constant Contact

In 2010, “of the older adults living outside of nursing homes or hospitals . . . nearly one third lived alone.”3 One third of the elderly population equates to a whopping 11.3 million people in the United States!

In addition to the aforementioned risks associated with medical conditions (like abdominal pains and heart attacks), falls are also a very real concern. This is especially an issue for seniors – and those living alone – who may not have help nearby. While seniors may enjoy their sense of independence, the need for quick connections to loved ones and first responders is even more critical.

Say Hello to Silent Beacon’s Medical Alert Systems

Fortunately, with a medical alert device like the Silent Beacon, senior citizens can live with confidence and comfort, knowing that help is on the way at a moment’s notice. At home, at work, or on vacation, the convenient Silent Beacon is there to help. This portable device is a medical alert system that allows the wearer to reach out for emergency assistance with one simple touch of a button.

Silent Beacon: Effective and Easy to Use

How does this medical alert system work? The Silent Beacon can be worn like a medical alert bracelet. It can also be clipped to a key chain or dropped into a pocket or purse. The user simply pre-stores his or her important contact information, including friends, family, 911, and other emergency numbers. Then, in the event of an emergency, a press of the panic button will alert friends, loved ones, and emergency personnel to indicate to them that there is a problem. For those with vision issues, the enlarged panic button makes it easy for the user to see and activate the device.

Receiving immediate assistance has never been easier. The medical alert device’s GPS feature allows first responders to pinpoint the wearer’s exact location both quickly and accurately. The Silent Beacon also allows the user to push out texts, messages, and phone calls to the pre-stored contact list. Plus, the microphone capability enables the individual to talk directly with those contacts while waiting for help to arrive.

Some people may think they don’t need a medical alert system. They believe they can use their cell phones in an emergency. Unfortunately, many cell phones today require the user to fumble with a cumbersome code to log in first. This step wastes precious time in an emergency situation. Not only that, but calling people on a cell phone doesn’t ensure that they can pinpoint your location. It’s also possible that the cell phone may not be within reach when an emergency strikes. Instead, the Silent Beacon’s one-touch simplicity maximizes ease of use and effectiveness for life-saving, two-way communication.

Price Matters: Silent Beacon is an Affordable Medical Alert Device

Price is not an issue, either. While some medical alert systems can cost upwards of $89.95 per month, Silent Beacon is affordable. For seniors on a budget, there are no mandatory monthly fees with the Silent Beacon. This makes the $89 price tag a reasonable option for those who need it the most.

Silent Beacon: Making Peace of Mind Possible for Senior Citizens and Their Loved Ones

No longer do you need to worry about living by yourself – or worrying about an older loved one who may live alone. That’s because the Silent Beacon medical device alert system will keep you connected to those you care about most . . . and those who can help out in any emergency situation.

If you would like to learn more – or if you are ready to purchase the Silent Beacon for you or a loved one – please visit SilentBeacon.com today.

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