March 27, 2019

Industrial Safety Apps: The Future of Worker Safety

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If you’re a construction worker, electrician, or roofer, you know there are certain dangers in your workplace that other industries may not have. Then you need industrial safety apps that provide safety to workers. However, these are not the only occupations that pose risks to workers’ safety. Consider the variety of jobs that actually present a threat to workers if proper precautions are not taken:

  • Automotive worker
  • Miner
  • Nuclear power plant employee
  • Chemical plant worker
  • Logger
  • Airline pilot
  • Trash collector
  • Commercial fishing employee
  • Farmer
  • Manufacturer
  • Transportation worker
  • Groundskeeper

You will put in dangerous situations on a daily basis from faulty or misused equipment. Those can be falling objects. In one year alone (2017), there were 5,147 workers who were killed on the job.
Sadly, more than 20% of those deaths came from the construction industry.

When it comes to workplace accidents that don’t result in death, the numbers are staggering. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there were 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private industry employers in 2017. Although that number is lower than the 2016 statistics. And that is no consolation for the almost 3 million people who suffered injuries and illnesses in 2017 alone!

Fortunately, there are many steps that both you and your employer can take to ensure you remain safe on the job:

Train Employees to Reduce Risk

Proper training can teach workers how to properly lift and move objects, use equipment, handle and store chemicals, and more. The cliché “education is power” is never more true for industries where knowing how to maintain a safe work environment. It can mean the difference between staying injury-free and having an accident.

Visit to view an array of workshops and training. They offer anything from construction and forklift training to Hazwoper training projects and first responder training.

Employers and Employees: Work Together to Maintain a Clean, Safe Work Site

While an employer can ensure that equipment works properly and potential hazards are removed from the worksite. Then employees can take control as well. For example, if you are a chemical engineer and you are going to be handling dangerous chemicals. If you are knowing safety laws and proper handling techniques will minimize your risk of injury. Likewise, you can ensure you have everything you need – gloves, goggles, etc. before you begin your work. Keeping your work site clear of obstacles can go a long way, too.

Use Protective Systems and Equipment at All Times

Northern Supply cites being “trapped by materials or equipment” as one of the four most common workplace injuries. To prevent this, they recommend protective equipment, such as machine guards. Or, when working with soil, bracing and/or shoring a hole in advance can prevent cave-ins that can trap and kill workers.

Make Sure Everyone has (and uses!) Industrial Safety Apps

Fortunately, technology has advanced to the point that apps are keeping workers safe. In particular, industrial safety apps are leading the way as the true future of worker safety. The Silent Beacon is the revolutionary personal safety device and workplace safety app. Silent Beacon allows workers (and their bosses) peace of mind while at work.

The Silent Beacon is a small, lightweight safety device for workers. With the press of one button, alert the user’s pre-stored contacts in any emergency situation. As soon as the user activates the device, the Silent Beacon pairs with the free workplace safety app to contact emergency personnel, friends and family immediately. Without the need to contact a call center, help is contacted directly, and the right people can find and help you within minutes. That’s because the industrial safety app communicates your emergency via phone calls, texts, and/or emails the moment you trigger the Silent Beacon alert.

For the reason that during any emergency, your contacts can identify your real-time location via GPS technology. So they can easily switch between satellite and map views the entire time. If you choose to activate voice alerts, you can talk to your contacts while waiting for help to arrive.


Best of all, the workplace safety app is free, and the device itself is reasonably priced at $99.99. Without installation, activation, maintenance, or deactivation fees, the Silent Beacon industrial safety app is an affordable safety option for anyone.

Therefore, Want to learn more about how you can keep employees safe? Visit

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