February 12, 2020

Inventors Day 2020: Why Kenny Kelley Created the Silent Beacon

The Wright brothers, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Melitta Benz, and Kenny Kelley may not seem like they have a lot in common. But one thing that each of these bright individuals shares is that they will all be celebrated on February 11.

The holiday first began in 1983, when President Ronald Reagan declared February 11 as National Inventors Day. This day of celebration recognizes the enormous impact inventions have had on technology, industry, and society worldwide. Just think about every invention you use in your daily life, let alone have seen in your lifetime.

This Inventors Day 2020, February 11 we’re spotlighting the inventor of the Silent Beacon personal safety device, Kenny Kelley. We are also exploring all the great features he built into the device.

The Story Behind Silent Beacon

Silent Beacon portable motorcycle safety device

Here at Silent Beacon, we recognize our founder and CEO, Kenny Kelley. After surviving a life-threatening motorcycle crash, Kelley was compelled to create a small, portable personal safety device. And we now know as the Silent Beacon.

Kelley began his career as a Hollywood motorcycle stuntman. He performed risky stunts that captured worldwide audiences. Kelley explains that his crash in 2006 occurred when he popped a wheelie, and his feet got stuck over the windshield. His phone was out of reach, and he couldn’t move at first. He felt the time slow as he lay on the side of the road, barely breathing, unable to do anything. It was then that he realized in this era of booming technology and the worldwide popularization of cell phones. He couldn’t even access his phone to call for help.

Kenny Kelley’s Invention Inspiration

After his accident, Kelley began noticing a nation-wide problem that needed fixing. He would hear about a kidnapping victim who had no way to send her GPS coordinates to the police. He would hear about a child trapped in a car as first responders searched for his location. Or He would also hear an elderly person unable to call for help after falling down. Kelley remembered how he personally had felt lying on the side of the road: vulnerable, panicked, desperate for help. From that difficult memory, Kelley realized he would need to invent a wearable personal safety device. And that would do what none of the others at the time could.

He wanted to channel smartphone technology into a wearable button-activated safety product. His goal was to give victims the freedom to call 911 and their personally chosen emergency contacts. So he created the Silent Beacon panic button. The device would be palm-sized and it would connect through Bluetooth to people’s cell phones. He envisioned no more searching in your pocket or purse to find your phone in an emergency.

Inventors Day 2020 Silent Beacon

The Life Saving Benefits of Silent Beacon

  • After surviving the crash, Kelley created Silent Beacon. The perfect device in any emergency situation. Silent Beacon saves hundreds of lives per year. It can be easily paired with the free Silent Beacon app . Then in the event of an emergency, with the simple press of the button, help would be on the way. After pushing the button, the alert will be sent to your pre-programmed contact list, which could include 911. These contacts would receive a text, a phone call, or an email message alerting them that their loved one might be in trouble.
  • With the Silent Beacon, you are able to store up to multiple contacts on your safety device. These can include family, friends, and any type of emergency personnel. Once you activate the alert, responders can use the GPS technology to immediately pinpoint your location. As you wait for help to arrive, you have the option to enable the two-way communication feature. This unique aspect of the device allows you to talk to friends and family the entire time.
  • The Silent Beacon was also created with the “Silent Alert Mode” feature. This feature prevents an attacker from knowing an emergency call has been placed. When in “Silent Alert Mode”, the emergency contact can hear what is happening through Silent Beacon’s microphone. But the attacker will not be able to hear the emergency contact.This allows the victim to call for help without enraging the perpetrator further. In addition, by carrying the Silent Beacon, you are able to contact emergency assistance directly. No call center middlemen to go through that could waste valuable time.

  • The best part is The Silent Beacon personal protection device is affordable. And it has a one-time fee, with no activation, cancellation, or recurring charges. Every second counts and dialing 911 from a cell phone can take up to 28 seconds. But with Silent Beacon, users are able to call for help within 1 second.

From Stunts to Safety

In short, It’s been a wild ride from stunts to safety for Kenny Kelley. A born risk-taker whose “new” mission is to make sure everyone is one-button push away from help. Kelley explains that he’s changed as a result of Silent Beacon. He doesn’t regret anything from his past. Because it made him the person he is today. And it also allowed him to invent a safety device that continues to save lives every single day. Kelley has also learned lessons when it comes to invention. Most importantly, He says, “follow your own path, embrace the naysayers, don’t follow the rules exactly, keep at it.” 

And the final lesson

To sum up, Kelley says that business isn’t only about money and that life isn’t only about adrenaline and if you find the perfect balance, you can have both.

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