The National Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that there were 93.3 million obese Americans in the United States in 2015-16. Despite the fact that obesity has been linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and premature death, close to 40% of the American population struggles to shed pounds.

The Solution: Running

Running is an extremely effective method of exercise to lose weight. It also reduces the risk of disease, increases longevity, and improves mental health. Not only that but when you run, neurotransmitters are released in the brain. This is what some refer to as the “runner’s high,” since the release of dopamine and serotonin will elevate your mood and sense of well being.

Best of all, running is cheap, with few barriers to entry. Without the need for expensive equipment, a runner can simply lace up his or her sneakers and hit the pavement (or trails) to reap numerous health benefits.

A Few Words of Caution

All exercises assume certain degrees of risk. And as a potentially solitary activity, a runner must be aware of these inherent risks. At the low end of the safety continuum, you risk the chance of getting lost or injuring yourself. And in the worst-case scenarios, a lone runner could become the unwitting victim of a violent crime.

Fortunately, you can run without sacrificing your personal safety. Here are 5 easy preventive measures you can take to enjoy this lifetime sport as safely as possible:

To avoid injury:

  • Be smart: Sometimes when people begin a new activity, their enthusiasm and excitement cause them to push themselves physically to the point of injury. For example, if you’re brand new to the sport but your New Year’s Resolution is to begin running daily, and you try to run 30 minutes a day, you put yourself at risk for an injury like shin splints. Your body simply isn’t equipped to switch from a sedentary lifestyle to a vigorous running calendar immediately.

To reduce the risk of injury, take your current fitness and activity levels into account, and increase your level of activity incrementally. Not only will you reduce the chance of hurting yourself, but you’ll also likely enjoy the more attainable challenges each day. Being successful and gradually building your stamina can also position you to establish a habit that you’ll stick with over the long-term.

  • Wear the right shoes: Even though you don’t need much in the way of equipment. The single most important purchase you can make for this sport is a good pair of running shoes. You’ll want to consider a shoe that is built based on your foot’s specific anatomical needs. If you’re not sure what those needs may be, consider visiting a podiatrist first. He or she can steer you in the right direction.

When it’s time to make the purchase, try to work with a retailer that specializes in running. Many times, these businesses’ employees are runners themselves and have been trained to help the customer find the best fit. They will look at your stride and the actual fit of the sneaker on your foot to recommend the perfect shoe for you. Many running shoe stores also allow you to take a practice run outside to ensure you make the right purchase.

To Avoid Becoming the Victim of a Crime:

  • Travel together: Many towns and cities offer running clubs that you can join to meet up with other enthusiasts on a regular basis. In fact, some running shoe stores organize these groups. These groups will meet up at the shoe store as the planned meeting point each week. By running with others, you significantly reduce your chances of becoming the target of a crime. And even if you injure yourself, running with a partner or group allows the other person to seek help.

  • Choose your route wisely: Even if you’re traveling in a group, carefully plan the route you will run. Running in populated, well-lit areas are your best bets (as opposed to dark trails in isolated, wooded locations).

Similarly, get to know the area. If it’s your hometown, you know which parts are safe (or not). If you’re on vacation or unfamiliar with the area, check with the locals to find out the best places to run safely.

  • Always travel with a panic button: Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where a panic button for runners isn’t a luxury – it’s a must. From muggings and rape to kidnappings and murder, it is imperative to take measures to reduce your risk of becoming a statistic. With a panic button for runners, you can simply press the button and help is on the way within minutes.

Because having an effective panic button for runners is such an important purchase. Read on to learn more about Silent Beacon’s affordable solution.

Silent Beacon’s Panic Button for Runners

The Silent Beacon is an emergency alert device that pairs with a free safety app to ensure peace of mind while running. The lightweight, portable device features an easy-to-use panic button for runners. With the press of the button, the Silent Beacon activates an alert that, when paired with the free app, instantly alerts your pre-programmed contact list. Your list can include up to seven friends and family – even emergency personnel! Instead of costly third-party call centers. You simply activate the alert to contact emergency personnel directly. Best of all, the GPS-enabled device allows your contacts to immediately pinpoint your location, quickly and easily.

But That’s Not All

The panic button for runners also allows the user to activate two-way voice communication. Whether you’re the victim of a crime or have suffered an accident, you can talk to your friends and family until help arrives on the scene.

Similar to the relatively low cost of running, Silent Beacon is affordable. With a realistic price tag of $99.99, this panic button for runners can fit into most budgets.

Running with confidence – and safety – just got easier, thanks to Silent Beacon. Learn more today at




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