March 7, 2017

Why Silent Beacon is a Popular Emergency life saving system.

Silent Beacon is a wearable personal emergency alert device that helps to protect you and your loved ones in the case of accidents or criminal assault. It is a wireless waterproof device that sends rapid emergency alerts from your location to police or your loved ones. By pressing the emergency button on the device on your phone, An emergency alerts sent to your loved one. That alerts are sent your location to anyone on your emergency list. It will be letting them know that you need help. It is an emergency alert system for anyone that wants to protect themselves and their family. The device is very popular these day and here are some of the reasons for its increasing popularity. See why you might be inserted in silent beacon:

  1. The device provides a reliable emergency alert system

In an emergency, every second count, many people today get the silent beacon because they want to be notified as soon as soon as possible when their loved ones are in danger. This is exactly what Silent Beacon does for them. Whenever your loved ones press the emergency button on the phone or the beacon, you are immediately notified. The location of your loved ones will also be sent to you.

  1. It is a real-time GPS tracking device

Apart from notifying you and the authorities when your loved ones are in danger. The silent beacon also tracks their location in real time. That help you or the police can easily follow them and give them the help they need.

  1. No monthly fees now a day

Once you purchase the silent beacon, you never have to pay for any monthly subscription fees. It is your choice for life to continue using the device. The App for the silent beacon is also free of charge available in the iPhone app store and android market.

  1. The device is portable and discreet

The small size of the silent beacon is one of the main reasons so many people choose it as their personal emergency alert system. You can carry the device anywhere you go with no trouble at all which makes it ideal for emergency situations as it will always be with you. The silent beacon as the name goes can hardly be detected by assailants when you press the button. This increases the chances of the authorities finding and rescuing you. The small size of the device also makes it hard to be destroyed in case of car accidents.

  1. Silent Beacon allows you to send custom messages now a day

The silent beacon is the perfect emergency alert system, not only does it alert your loved ones and the authorities. But It also allows you to send custom messages on your phone explaining exactly what is wrong with you. In a testimonial on the product, a woman explained that she and her husband who had multiple sclerosis chose the silent beacon. Because it all her husband to send her custom messages is less dire situations.

In conclusions, The silent beacon is popular because it works, with the high number of accidents and increasing crime rates. It has the ability to quickly get help often means whether you live or die. With silent a Silent Beacon emergency life saving alert system that help is just a button press away.

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