April 3, 2017

What you need to Know while Choosing Safety device or Safety App?


The cost-effectiveness of today’s technology coupled with increasing concern for one’s own safety. The family is one of the leading causes of growth in personal safety devices and safety app. Today there are so many safety devices and safety apps in the market that one begins to wonder which one they should choose? The need for safety is one of the basic human needs and any person looking to improve their safety with a personal safety app. They need to understand how to get the best safety device or app in the market.

Here are 7 things you need to know when choosing a safety device or personal safety app:

  1. What do you intend to use the safety device for?

It is always important to know why you want to get a safety panic button and for whom so that you can choose the safety device that is right for you. There are many personal panic buttons and devices and although all of them can call for an emergency. Many have unique attributes that make them ideal in one situation and redundant in the next.

  1. Choose safety devices with a long battery life

Choose a personal safety device that you will not have to charge always. The longer the battery life the better. This is because you don’t want your safety app failing to send emergency alerts when you need it the most. The Life Saving Alert emergency pendant has a battery that can last for 7 years without requiring the recharge.

  1. Go for Wearables with real-time GPS Tracking

Most safety devices have can send your location to family members or to needed authorities. But not all can allow the police or a family member to track you in real-time. To increase your safety and chances of being found easily, invest in a personal safety app has real-time tracking capabilities. Silent Beacon is a good example of this. Once you press the emergency button, all the people and authorities in your emergency list will get the alert. They all are able to track you in real-time.

  1. Water-proof devices are best

Safety devices that are waterproof are always the best choice, especially for medical emergencies. A waterproof safety device does not need to be taken off when the wearer is taking a shower and this allows the wearer to be able to send emergency alerts when they experience an accident in the shower. According to CDC, more than 33% off falls involving adults 65 years occur at home with the shower being the most commonplace.

  1. Easily worn or Fashionable

The best personal safety apps are also quite fashionable, some blend seamlessly with other jewelry and can be worn as rings, necklaces, and belt hooks. This allows people to wear the device daily without hassle which is very good as wearers are less likely to forget it at home.

  1. Go for versatility

Safety devices often come with their own attributes and often approach emergency alerts differently. Some send discreet emergency alerts while others create loud noises to scare off assailants. Both works in different environments like the silent alert often work best in situations where you cannot flee from attackers. While the alarming alert works best in crowded or semi-crowded areas. The best approach is to buy a safety device that allows both silent and alarming alerts.

  1. Socially interactive Apps

When looking for mobile safety apps to download, try finding apps that use a socially interactive approach to help keep you safe. These kinds of apps rely on your friends to monitor you from afar and to keep you safe. Examples of such apps include bsafe, companion, and Watch over me.

Finally, when it comes to personal safety apps, always go for the simplest one. You will often be a bit stunned in an emergency and sophisticated apps will only serve to increase this confusion. The last thing you will want in an emergency is to forget where the emergency button on your app is. Hence always go for the simplest mobile safety app. This idea is often reflected in the design of personal safety devices that have a simple and often large button to press when sending an alert.

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