November 26, 2019

Silent Beacon Celebrates Thanksgiving at The Children’s Inn at NIH

This year, Silent Beacon celebrates Thanksgiving 2019 at the The Children’s Inn at NIH in Bethesda, Maryland. According to the Inn’s website, “The Children’s Inn at NIH is a residential ‘Place Like Home’ for families with children participating in leading-edge research studies at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland. The NIH Clinical Center is the nation’s premier biomedical research hospital. It is providing an opportunity for our residents to be partners in advancing medical discoveries. This center improving the health of people all over the world. While the NIH takes care of the child’s medical needs, The Inn tends to the child’s heart, soul and spirit.”

Depending on their child’s needs, families may be spending weeks, months, or more for treatment, procedures, and clinical trials. Some families are traveling far from home, and the Inn allows them to experience a home-like atmosphere. They provide a physically, emotionally, and spiritually difficult time. According to CEO Jennie Luca, the goal is to give families “some sense of normalcy… [and] to live in the moment and make memories now.”

Silent Beacon Wants to Help


Thanksgiving safety tips

Silent Beacon wants to support the Inn’s vision and mission by donating a delicious holiday lunch. So the families can experience a traditional Thanksgiving 2019 meal, even if that meal this year is away from their actual home. 35 residents and their families at the Inn will enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal. They complete with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. 

What Silent Beacon can do for families


Silent Beacon has always maintained a strong commitment to families and their best interests through their personal safety device. The Silent Beacon safety device pairs with the free app to provide seamless service, quickly and easily, so that any family member, young and old, can receive help at a moment’s notice. 

Whether the user of the Beacon is in danger from an accident, crime, or medical issue, one press of the button signals an immediate alert to the user’s contact list. Each contact then receives a notification, via text message, phone call, and/or email, depending on the preferences the user set for the Beacon. 

While waiting for help to arrive, the user can enable two-way communication to talk to his or her primary contact. Or If you want that the user can’t let others know he or she has triggered an alert, Then On the Silent Mode of the beacon. In this way, you can prevent anyone near the user from knowing an alert has been activated. Whether the device is in silent mode or not, emergency personnel will immediately be able to pinpoint the user’s location, thanks to the real time gps technology.

What if I want my kids to use the Silent Beacon? Will they lose or break it?

This sturdy device is lightweight and portable, and it can fasten securely to a purse, keychain, or lanyard. With the purchase of a Silent Beacon you’ll also receive a free lanyard and accessory clip for even more mobility. The water-resistant Silent Beacon has a tracker as well, so anyone who tends to lose things can easily recover the lost device. With Silent Beacon, even young children can use the personal safety device and parents don’t need to worry that the Beacon will get lost or broken.

Happy Thanksgiving 2019, to You and Yours

No matter where you plant to celebrate Thanksgiving 2019 this year, take a moment to express gratitude for family, friends, and your well-being. Also, a big thanks to the people who run amazing places like the NIH Children’s Home. These giving individuals assist children and their families – and the families appreciate the ability to experience the feeling of being at home – even when they can’t physically be there. 

For more information about the NIH Children’s Home, visit:

For more information about Silent Beacon, visit:

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