October 16, 2018

The Silent Beacon Safety App: Keeping Women Safe & Stress-Free

The recent murder of twenty-year old Mollie Tibbits shocked the nation. Her evening plans were simple: go for a run in an area she knew well on a warm July evening. Sadly, an ordinary habit ended in tragedy after a man kidnapped and brutally murdered the college sophomore. Before searchers found her, Mollie’s family endured weeks of silence, not knowing what happened to their daughter and friend. Clearly, there is a critical need for women to have the ability to connect with loved ones and emergency personnel at a moment’s notice. While nothing may have prevented a terrible tragedy like this, a women safety app is a step in the right direction to do its best to keep women safe.

The Silent Beacon Women Safety App

The Silent Beacon is a Bluetooth-enabled device that easily pares with an iPhone, Android, or other devices. Then, through the Silent Beacon App, help is on the way with the push of a button. Here’s how it works:

Simply download the Silent Beacon Safety App from the App Store. Then, connect to the app by charging and paring it with your Silent Beacon device. Now, you’re all set! In the event of an emergency, call for help by pressing the Silent Beacon’s panic button. Activating the panic button will send your location to loved ones and emergency personnel, via GPS technology. Hitting the panic button also immediately pushes out notifications and messages to your pre-stored contacts (including 911) all at once.

Safety Apps for Women: And Not Just for Runners

Realize this: the need for a women safety app like the Silent Beacon is not just for runners. The need for an effective safety solution has never been greater, as women face a myriad of risks, such as:

Assault and Abuse: #MeToo Provides Support and a Platform for Women to Speak Up

Sexual assault occurs every 98 seconds in the United States. Women are at an even higher risk, as “1 out of every 6 women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime.”1 And as the #MeToo movement reveals, any sexual assault inflicts incredible emotional damage on the victims. The women will carry the terror and memories of that trauma throughout their lives. Meanwhile, many women harbor undeserved shame and guilt, with only about 26% of assaults being reported. Obviously, a safety device can’t stop an assault. However, if a woman finds herself in a dangerous situation, she can immediately press the Silent Beacon’s panic button and know that help is moments away.

Successful Women: Female Business Travelers

Forbes magazine reveals that female business travelers are at risk, yet employers have yet to respond to these dangers. “Awareness of the risks faced by female travelers . . . and female business travelers, in particular, has never been higher, but only 18% of corporate travel policies specifically address matters related to the safety needs of female business travelers.”  Some of the precautions employers can take include chauffeured transportation, double locks in hotel rooms, and 24-hour on-site security. Unfortunately, very few companies currently offer these safeguards, leaving it up to the traveler to take appropriate precautions. The Silent Beacon device is definitely something the female traveler should never leave home without!

Independent Women: Living Alone

And what about women who live alone? According to the Women in the Housing and Real Estate Ecosystem, ten million female homeowners live by themselves. And for older women, the percentage of women living alone increases. For example, only 34% of women over the age of 75 live with a spouse.

Real estate agents love the phrase, “Location, location, location!” They’re talking about the importance of living in desirable areas and neighborhoods. But from a safety standpoint, this cliché is true as well. For those living in urban areas, the risk of being the victim of a violent crime rises even higher. Of course, investing in a security system or installing a peephole to see who’s knocking on the door helps. However, once a woman exits or enters her home or apartment, something like the Silent Beacon safety app is even more relevant and necessary.

Living Life Without Fear

For women who refuse to let fear and unsettling statistics prevent them from living a full life, free from worry, the Silent Beacon provides that all-important peace of mind, while ensuring that help is on the way within seconds.

Today, female runners are tweeting the hashtag #MilesforMollie so that they run in memory of Mollie Tibbits, unite, and declare that they “refuse to let fear keep them indoors.” Today, survivors are standing up and speaking out against abuse and assault. Today, women live and travel alone as successful and independent individuals – but they want to do so without fear or danger. And today, Silent Beacon is joining the fight, providing security and safety solutions for women who plan to live life without fear.

To learn more about how the Silent Beacon Safety app can keep you safe and secure, visit SilentBeacon.com.

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