[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]While you hope that you will never need them, personal safety gadgets are something you should keep on hand at all times. Suppose you are looking to make yourself feel safe at night or want to feel safe while traveling. In that case, these security gadgets can go a long way toward reducing your anxiety.

There are several options available these days. So what you choose is a question of your needs. Check how big or little you want the device to be and how much money you want to spend.

Here are the top 5 best personal safety devices options you can pick from. 

1. Silent Beacon 

The best personal safety device, in our opinion, is Silent Beacon. It’s a comprehensive personal safety program that can handle everything!

The Silent Beacon is a Bluetooth 4.0 personal safety device that works with any smartphone, watch, computer, or tablet. You may use the Silent Beacon to send out alerts to selected people via email, push notification, SMS text message, or phone call.

You can communicate with your loved ones instantly whenever you need assistance or alert all of your emergency contacts at once.

Set your Silent Beacon to dial the police, emergency services, or loved ones with a single press of a button. This is the only wearable safety device that lets you pick which phone number you want to call during an emergency.

So if you are in search of the best personal safety devices for seniors, then this is it! 

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Features of Silent Beacon Safety Device 

  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Mobility
  • Speaker Equipped
  • Silent Alert Mode
  • Multi-color LEDs
  • Built to Last
  • Reduce False Alerts
  • Vibration

2. Alphahom Care Go Smart Personal Alarm

The Alphahom Care Go Smart is the only personal safety alarm on our list that isn’t audible. The Care Go allows you to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 instead of emitting an audible warning.

The Care Go comes with a mobile application that enables you to designate emergency contacts. Then, when you twist the top section of the device to activate it, your specified contact numbers will hear an audible SOS call on their smartphone.

Your phone’s GPS sensor is used to determine your location, which is supplied in the alert. Despite this functionality, the battery can last a year on standby. And for some, it will be considerably less than that should you use the device. Fortunately, a one-hour charge via USB restores the gadget to full strength.

You may share your location with your trusted contacts using the Care Go, giving you more protection and peace of mind.

If you’re going for a walk or on your way home, turn on the location tracking function. Your contacts will be able to keep an eye on you until you arrive at your destination safely. At that point, you may deactivate the location monitoring.

3. B A S U EAlarm+

The B A S U eAlarm+ is one of the most effective slimline personal alarms available. It’s one of the best personal safety devices for college students.

The device is available in four hues (black, blue, green, pink), so you’ll be able to select something that matches your style every time. The alarm produces a loud 130dB siren for up to 30 minutes powered by two CR1632 batteries.

The eAlarm+ has a five-year lifespan when not in use before the batteries need to be replaced. The alarm is also straightforward to operate. A semi-circular ring at the bottom activates the siren when it’s removed. When you return the removed portion of the eAlarm+, the siren will start up again.

The eAlarm+ offers a free replacement device if you use the alarm in an emergency. The eAlarm+ can also double as a tripwire alarm while camping, thanks to its twin hooks. For example, suppose you put the gadget between two wires. In that case, any pulls on the perimeter will remove the detachable buckle, signaling an alarm.

4. KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm

Consider the KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm if you’re looking for inexpensive wearable personal safety devices for a group of individuals. This personal alarm six-pack costs around the same as a single device from most other manufacturers. As a result, don’t expect this to be a long-lasting panic alarm.

The most significant issue to consider is whether the alarm will keep you and your group safe. This personal alarm has a 140dB siren that can last up to 50 minutes on its own. Three LR44 batteries power the device, which needs to be changed every year due in part to its high-performance capabilities.

The keychain alarm is a valuable device that may be attached to your bag, belt loop, suitcase, or dog collar. Consequently, it is one of the most versatile personal alarms available. The KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm also has an LED light controlled by a separate button on the gadget.

5. Original Defense Self Defense Siren

The Original Defense Self-Defense Siren is a personal safety alarm that is similar to other models. The gadget is powered by two CR2 batteries. It has a 130dB scream for up to a year before replacing the batteries.

However, while the alarm is on, this Original Defense option also causes a flashing LED to light up. In low-light situations with some background noise, this may be pretty useful in informing others of your condition.

The Self Defense Siren looks like a padlock instead of a personal safety gadget, making it inconspicuous. A carabiner is also included, allowing you to attach it to your clothing or belongings easily. Fortunately, the device is also water-resistant.

Final Word! 

Personal safety gadgets such not be too expensive and can keep you safe at all times. In addition, they will offer you an extra level of protection at home and while traveling.

So carry a safety device with you at all times to have that peace of mind. Stay Safe and Happy!

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