August 19, 2019

Safety Device Back to School Gift Guide


It’s that time of the year: time for back to school shopping! And although the kids are still enjoying the final weeks of fun in the sun, it’s never too early to think about what they will need when they return to the classroom or dorm – especially when it comes to keeping them safe.


Check out these 7 must-have safety gadgets, gear, and tools for the student in your life:


#1: Travel Safely: Indestructible Bike Locks

If your child is riding a bike to class or school, you will want him or her to keep the bike secure during school hours. Popular Mechanics magazine ranks the Ottolock Cinch as one of its top bike locks. The small, flexible and lightweight design makes it perfect for users of all ages. Priced at $50, the Cinch students safety devices is not cheap, but it can be worth it when considering the price tag of the bike you’re protecting with it:


#2: Stay Hydrated and Healthy: Cool Water Bottles

There are too many tragic stories in the news about athletes collapsing on the field during the hottest days of summer and early fall. And while some of these tragedies stem from undetected medical conditions, dehydration is a very real concern for any athlete. In fact, even if your child isn’t playing a sport, it is also true that staying hydrated is good for peak brain functioning.

Plastic water bottles are not the answer, though. There is a plethora of evidence that indicates that plastic waste poses a major threat to the environment. It is definitely time to say goodbye to those eco-damaging disposable water bottles. Fortunately, you can still stay hydrated by equipping your child with a sturdy reusable water bottle instead!

S’well and Hydroflask have created fashionable water bottles that come in various sizes, colors and styles. In addition to looking great, they all are guaranteed to keep your water cold for hours.

Visit S’well: , Visit Hydroflask:


#3: Avoid Open Toes: Comfy Kicks to the Rescue

Not only are some sandals and flip-flops bad for your feet, but they can also be dangerous when worn at school. From tripping on the stairs to a classmate stepping on your child’s toes or heels, open-toed shoes, sandals, and flip-flops aren’t the best footwear for the classroom.

Fortunately, even college kids still get excited about that new pair of back-to-school sneakers. And with the variety of sneakers that each brand showcases for this fall, your child can find a style that fits his or her personality. Footwear News reports that this year’s top 6 brands include Nike, Vans, Adidas, Converse, Under Armor and Steve Madden.

For more details, visit:


#4: A Toast to Your (EYE) Health: Let There be (Dorm) Lights

Sitting in a dark room with a laptop is one of the worst things you can do for your eyes. So if the student in your life is headed off to college – or even his or her bedroom! – then a good desk light will come in handy for the next all-nighter.

A quick search of dorm desk lamps yields anything from a more pricey lamp from PB Teen (ranging from $29 to $199), to more affordable options from Target (ranging from $5.99-$44.95).

Visit PB Teen here or Target at:


#5: Keep Your Money Safe: Fanny Packs have Made a Comeback

Luludharma’s Hip Pack: and Herschel’s Supply Co.’s Belt Bag and Patagonia’s Mini Hip Pack.

Just a few years ago, nobody would ever consider wearing an outdated fanny pack. Recently, however, this fashion staple from the 1990s is back in vogue, keeping your belongings safe and close to your body. Check out the luludharma’s hip pack, Herschel’s Supply Co. belt bag, or Patagonia’s sporty mini versions of the fanny pack:


#6: Walking or Running Alone? Get Safety Grips

Your child doesn’t need to be a cross-country competitor or track star; lots of students run alone, whether it’s for fitness and conditioning or just plain fun. And many more may spend time each day walking to and from school and home (or dorms) alone. Tigerlady’s new running grips are easy to carry and equipped with “claws” that your child could use during an unwanted physical attack while walking or running.

These lightweight students safety devices provide self-defense that delivers non-lethal scratches to the attacker, all while capturing DNA evidence. And if your child is a serious runner, the ergonomic grips promote good hand position and form – even if they are never needed for self-defense.

Visit Tigerlady at


#7: Ensure Round-the-Clock Safety: Silent Beacon Students Safety Devices

student safety device

Silent Beacon students safety devices come to the rescue to provide safety to the user, 24/7, 365 days a year. This lightweight device is Bluetooth- and GPS-enabled to allow emergency personnel, friends, and family to remain in constant contact with its user. In the event of an emergency, simply press the button on the Silent Beacon that pairs with the free app to trigger an alert to all of your contacts.

The alert pushes out texts, phone calls, and/or emails. Meanwhile, the voice activation feature allows you to talk to your primary contact as you wait for help to arrive. At an affordable price point of $99.99, you can have peace of mind that the student in your life is safe.

Visit to purchase your Beacon today



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