February 18, 2019

How Can Silent Beacon Help in High School Security and Campus Safety?

Silent Beacon is the best school safety apps and campus safety device for students who provide them personal safety. Read more!

Importance of High School Security and Campus Safety

There is no need to talk a lot about how important it is that our kids are safe in schools and on campuses. Our children are the most important thing in our lives, and they will build our future. Without them, life would be pointless. Unfortunately, we live in a very dangerous world; menace is waiting around each corner. Nowadays people have become very aggressive, especially in young age- a novelty of the modern world. This issue is huge, and schools alone cannot solve the problem. They need help from parents and lawmakers, but they can also receive help from Silent Beacon as a school safety app.

There are many bullies in schools, and not much can be done about this until the problem becomes large enough that the bully makes a violation and is caught. There is no any kind of test that can prevent bullies from attending the same schools as other, civilized students. Considering that violence is out there, parents care greatly about their children, with good reason. If they bought Silent Beacon for their kids, they could worry less. There is much more that can be done with help of Silent Beacon.

Silent Beacon could become a mandatory device and schools Safety App

Silent Beacon is one of the emergency alert devices and safety app for college students you use when you get in trouble. It has many advantages over other safety devices and wearable help buttons. It emits your location in real time, meaning that there is no delay. Some emergency devices show your location only once you press the button and that’s it. But Silent Beacon can update your location as you’re on the move. What if you were forced to move from the location where you pressed the button? With campus safety devices that cannot track in real time, this means that there is a smaller chance that help will reach you. One more advantage of Silent Beacon is that it can correspond to all types of smartphones and tablets, so you don’t have to worry about having an appropriate smartphone on which you can install Silent Beacon application.

The Silent Beacon application also can connect to an infinite number of devices. That means that schools can make a network of Silent Beacon devices. So if anything happens, if any student gets in danger, the reaction will be fast and help will arrive quickly.

Bullies will attack less

Bullies are often kids with no self-confidence and they try to build their self-confidence by picking on other kids. If they knew that every student was equipped with a Silent Beacon campus safety app they would certainly be deterred to bully another student. The Silent Beacon is not only a good gadget for emergency situations, but it could be useful for prevention, too.

Silent Beacon is useful on other occasions, too

The Silent Beacon is not only helpful to counteract bullying. You never know what unfortunate situation could happen to you. Accidents are everywhere around us. What if your child gets hit by a car crossing the street to the school, or what if he is rushing to class and falls down the stairs? If teachers connect with their students’ devices, they could react much faster considering that teacher is closer than you, or even 911. The teacher is a valuable first responder to offer assistance until more help arrives.

Also, Silent Beacon can call 911 immediately if that is what’s wanted. It doesn’t come as an option with the device, but it is service that you pay minimally for on a monthly basis. For only $1.99/month you can have the option of calling 911 without the middleman which can be proven as a life-saving feature. It is a small price for saving your life.

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