January 14, 2019

The Free Android Safety App That Takes Your Safety Seriously

The world is changing. Our society is plagued with violence, robberies, assaults, abductions, stalking, murder, and more. While crimes of this nature have always been an issue, they’ve recently been on the rise. The National Institute of Justice reports that homicides in big cities rose in 2015, and rose again in 2016. And I’m sorry to say, if you live in California, you’ve had the biggest rise in violent crime among the other 49 states. The Los Angeles Times reports that violent crime rates have increased 12% between 2014 and 2017, compared to 3% in other states. As our security is decreasing, our need for security is increasing where we can use the free safety mobile app.

Yes, our country is lucky to have some of the world’s best first responders, but unfortunately, they’re not always easy to reach. In some situations, it may be too dangerous to call and speak to the police, while in others you simply might not be able to. Silent Beacon is aware of the need for better safety measures. In an effort to address this situation, they have created a free mobile safety app to reduce these types of situations and help you get out of them safely.

A scenario experienced by far too many

Imagine this. It’s seven in the morning on a Sunday. You just left your house for your routine morning walk. You take the normal route, walking through your small, quiet neighborhood. Everyone is still asleep; the grass is covered in dew. You’ve been walking for ten minutes now and you notice a man you’ve never seen before walking behind you. Everyone in this neighborhood knows each other, so seeing this man at this hour is alarming to you. You try to keep your cool and reason in your head that everything is okay. “Maybe he’s a neighbor’s guest,you think to yourself.

You’re now 30 minutes into your walk and you realize that something is not right. He’s walking faster, getting closer to you. In a panic, you abruptly turn off your normal path and begin walking quickly. He does the same. You start running. He starts running. There’s no one around to help, and calling the police is too difficult. Then you don’t have many options other than to run. You know that you’re supposed to stay in well-lit areas, and you are, but no one can see what’s happening because they’re all asleep. You also know that you’re not supposed to go to your house, so all you can do is hope for the slight chance that someone will wake up early and see what’s happening. In that case you need free android safety app at that time.

Help is here as a Free Android Safety App

Situations like this usually occur at random, and you can never be too sure that it won’t happen to you. Your safety is the number one priority, and preemptive measures are key to ensuring that. But unfortunately, there aren’t many ways to do so. Silent Beacon is aware of this problem, which is why they developed a free safety mobile app to make sure you’re protected in emergency situations. The app is compatible for both Androids and iPhones.

The Android safety app helps you connect instantly to your loved ones in emergency situations. With the push of a button on your Silent Beacon device, the paired app allows you to call 911 and send alerts your family and friends all at the same time. If you’d like, you can also set a primary contact and activate a voice alert.

Silent Beacon knows that when you’re in an emergency situation, your focus is to remain calm. The process needs to be as simple and straightforward as possible. So, to ease the situation a bit, the free safety mobile app allows you to send alerts to multiple people at the same time, including your entire emergency contact list. You won’t be struggling to send separate alerts to multiple people. Your focus will be on staying safe.

The free Android safety app also sends your GPS location with live tracking in the alert to lead people directly to you if you’re not sure where you are. And if you want, your GPS location can be sent to your contacts via your email. In addition, the free Android safety app has an emergency map view, which can be switched from satellite and map view, where you and the people you’ve alerted can view your GPS location in real time.

Human life is priceless

One of the best features of Silent Beacon’s mobile safety app is that there are no monthly fees. It’s completely free. Unlike similar competitors, Silent Beacon cares about you and your safety. They do not believe that anyone should have to pay to survive an emergency situation. Human life is priceless.

Back to your run

So, even though it’s uncomfortable, try to put yourself back in the previous scenario. You’re running for your life. The strange man following you is picking up speed and getting closer to you. You can’t call your family or dial 911 because you’re focused on not falling and maintaining your speed. Then, you remember that you have free Silent Beacon’s safety mobile app. You manage to open the app and push the emergency button. In an instant, you’ve called the police and alerted your family that you’re in an emergency situation. Less than two minutes later, you see the blue and red sirens. The police have arrived to help. The strange man runs away in the opposite direction. You’re no longer being followed. Thanks to the Silent Beacon free android safety app, you’re safe.

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