February 19, 2019

International Travel: How Silent Beacon Can Help Loved Ones Overseas

Why you should travel around the world with travel safety device and travel safety app? How Silent Beacon Can help your loved ones overseas?

Why You Should Travel Around the World with Travel Safety Device?

Human beings are compounded of two parts, a material one (body) and a spiritual one (soul). Meeting new people and learning about new cultures makes your soul richer. Traveling around the globe is an unforgettable experience and one of the best things we can do. Yes, we have the possibility of seeing the Eiffel Tower on our smartphones or watching a documentary about London and Big Ben on our TVs, but it can’t be compared to the real adventure. If you can, you definitely should consider spending some material wealth to get some spiritual wealth, because your soul needs food, too.

Traveling overseas is always an adventure and money is not the only problem that you may have such a trip. Many dangerous things can happen to you while you are away from home. In these situations, it is ideal to have someone besides you who is familiar with the local place and people. Unfortunately, it is impossible to have somebody like with you at all times. But, there is something you can do. What if I told you there is a travel safety device that can save your life when you are abroad? Yes, it is true. You can carry the Silent Beacon travel safety app with you in order to be safer.

What Silent Beacon Travel Safety App does?

Silent Beacon is a little gadget used for emergency cases. It has its own application which you can install for free on your smartphone, and it connects with your Silent Beacon security device using Bluetooth. You can choose your emergency contacts that will be alerted if you find yourself in trouble. Silent Beacon travel safety device also provides your real-time location which can be crucial, especially when you are in a foreign country. And also when you don’t know where are you. It is water-resistant, so you can bring it most places with you. The Silent Beacon application is compatible with any phone or tablet, and it can be connected to as many devices as you want.

You can Easily Get Lost in An Unknown City

When you are in a foreign city for the first time it is very easy to get lost. Imagine that you want to explore the city without a guide or map, so you can feel excitement conquering a new city. Although it can be really fun to walk the streets of a new city, it is risky because you may not know how to get back to your hotel. It is even harder when you don’t speak the language of the local people. Silent Beacon can save the day. By pressing the button, you will send your location to your friend or family member. After they get your location, they can pick you up and take you to the hotel room.

You Don’t Speak the Native Language

You and your wife have been planning to go on a trip for a long time, but you can’t reach an agreement. Your wife wants to go to Paris besides she wants to see Eiffel Tower and she speaks French fluently. You, on the other hand, want to visit Madrid, because you don’t speak French at all. You also want to visit Santiago Bernabeu, the stadium where your favorite team plays. In the end, you went to Paris. While you’re there, you want to go out to buy something at the store, but you don’t feel very comfortable with that because you don’t speak French.

Well, Silent Beacon travel safety devices could solve this problem. If you get in any situation where you need French skills, you can utilize Silent Beacon so your wife can speak with the seller. Silent Beacon can also be useful if you have any misunderstanding with local people.

You are in Danger But You Don’t Know the Number of Emergency Responders

You’ve grown up learning to call 911 in case of emergency. However, this number is not the same all over the world. That would be nice, right? Well, unfortunately, it is not the case. If you get in trouble in any foreign country, Silent Beacon travel safety app can alert your loved ones. So they can find a way to help you, or to send you help. GPS, and the ability to track a real-time location, which is installed in Silent Beacon travel safety device, is crucial when you need an ambulance but you don’t know where you are.

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