August 2, 2022

National Traffic Awareness Month – How A Personal Safety Device Could Save Your Life During A Car Accident?

“Each year, approximately 1.3 million lives are cut short due to car accidents.”

As WHO laid further claims, the report also mentioned that 20 to 50 million people incur non-fatal injuries after a car crash and among these numbers, many people suffer disabilities due to these injuries. 

Besides economic losses, what more do you think a family loses in these traffic accidents? More significant losses, if we may add so.

It is their youth

That’s right! According to WHO, car traffic injuries take most lives of people between the ages of 5-29 years. 


And outside the death toll of 1.3 million youngsters, there are at least a thousand more vehicle-related deaths unreported. This means the 1.3 million is just a cloud of visible dust on the surface. The actual and exact death counts are still not known. 


Keeping in mind the horrifying statistics, National Traffic Awareness Month in August draws attention to traffic safety. Proper instructions and safety precautions can prevent at least a dozen road car accidents monthly. 


It is amusing how there aren’t many traffic rules to follow to stay alive. Nevertheless, most people still choose not to follow basic traffic safety rules resulting in losing a life or a limb. That’s why spreading awareness about traffic safety becomes so much important.

Having you here on this page only means a few things. Either you’re looking for quick and easy tips to learn to act upon quickly during a road accident or searching for a personal safety device that might help you in these unfortunate situations. If only you could get them both.

Lucky for you, we’ve prepared a guide on how to act during a car crash and use your personal safety device in times like these.

Traffic Car Accidents And Injuries

A controversial statement but a never hidden truth;

Not everyone is a good driver. Not every person driving knows how to actually drive a car. 

Nonetheless, this does not change the fact that people with good driving skills do not get into accidents. In fact, according to Vehicle Insurance Experts, an average driver will be involved in at least four accidents in his lifetime. 

To conclude, an average driver is involved in a car accident once every eighteen years.

And so, it becomes impossible to escape a road accident, a car crash, head scratch or injury, and a lot of damage to your ‘mobile property.’ 

However, any potential major or minor injury-slash-accident is avoidable when you follow the simple traffic rules. Following that, being prepared for any minor inconvenience, which might happen during a trip to a grocery store, is crucial. 

Given that car crashes are unpredictable, it is now time for you to list down your ‘essentials’ while driving.

1. Plan Ahead

No matter what you do or go for, planning and preparing things a little ahead will always save you from much trouble — and in some cases, the said habit will save you from falling dead. 

Most of the time, during a car accident, there are a few things you look for immediately. If not you, others helping to get you out of that site will look for as much information they can find on you. So, it is always better to have them in your car at all times. 

When going on a drive, no matter wherever you go, always take the following with you:

2. Self-Safety Assurance

If you happen to get into an accident, it is most likely that you’ll tense up, hyperventilate, get scared, anxious, or even experience a shock. 

It is normal. The more you stay frozen in one place, the more you put your life in danger. Therefore, moving quickly and thinking straight are the only two things that will help you survive a car accident. However, that does not mean one should go running off and leave your car behind.

Instead, what you need to do (in case of a severe car crash) is carefully get out of the car, examine the injuries on you, and then call for help.

If it is a minor accident and you’re not injured, drive your car to the roadside to avoid traffic on the road. Keep your hazard lights on and stand reflective emergency triangles around your vehicle. 

3. Call For Help

After setting up flares or emergency triangles, make use of your personal safety device and report the current events to 911. 

While you’re at it, you can also call your emergency contacts all at once and share your current GPS location with a press of Silent Beacon’s Panic Button.

A little too convenient for a situation like that, no? That’s what you need at times like these.

4. Look For Injured Individuals

Once you’ve contacted 911, it is time for you to look and assess your surrounding. Look for anyone involved or injured during the car accident other than you. If you find anyone, immediately seek medical help by using Silent Beacon’s Panic safety device. 

Likewise, look for damages that must have been caused by your vehicle to any property, car, road, or sidewalk.

5. Document And Video Tape Everything

Until the police arrive at the site, recording and documenting every detail of the accident on your own is best. 

Videotaping, penning down, and capturing every little-to-no detail after a car crash is probably the best way to act after a car accident. 

This will not only help you get the maximum information out of every minor detail, but it will also be valued as strong evidence if anything goes south during the trial or filing of a report. 

Final Thoughts

Getting into a car accident is never a good sight. 

Exhausting, tormenting, horrible, and unforgettable —  this is how you can describe it. Most times, when you claim that you didn’t get injured during a car crash, an excruciating neck or shoulder pain is waiting for you in the night when you plan on sleeping the scary memories away. 

Therefore, getting medical help in case of an accident should be your first priority. You can’t really pull out your smartphone and call for help during a car accident. Silent Beacon’s panic button allows you to ping all your emergency contact with just one button. It is your only lifeline in such a situation — keep it on you at all time!

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