Rideshare drivers provide driving service to strangers all day long, throughout their lives, and they’re as much exposed to safety-related risks as are the passengers. 

Ridesharing through Uber, Careem, and Lyft is a major economic industry, with $17191 as of 2018, with a  projected growth of 15% by the end of 2022. 

Despite being a thriving industry, I think there’s still work to be done in the rider safety department.

What Are The Safety Threats For Rideshare Drivers?

There has been enough discussion about the safety of passengers while they use the ride-sharing service. 

However, I believe driver safety is often overlooked. Kaylania Chapman while documenting her life experiences on YouTube claims that both riders and drivers are at safety risks, but drivers more often feel like they are forgotten, while passenger safety is prioritized. 

Uber’s safety report of 2018 revealed that 45% of the cases of serious sexual assault were of riders attacking the drivers. Since ridesharing connects people through an app to an in-person meeting, unsafe encounters are bound to happen. 

Last Sunday I was reading how an Uber driver was assaulted just because of his race and job. What makes this incident even more disgusting is that the driver was coughed on by one of the riders.

New, undiscovered routes, drunk, intoxicated or armed passengers may cause a serious threat to the personal safety of drivers. 

They are also vulnerable to physical, mental, and sexual attacks during the ride. This explains why we have created a personal safety device for rideshare drivers that they can carry with them at all times.

Why Is A Personal Safety Device Necessary For Rideshare drivers?

In November 2015, a video of a drunk Taco Bell executive abusing an Uber driver went viral on the internet. Later, a Miami doctor was seen kicking another driver. These are the few incidents that made it to the deadlines. Hundreds of these shocking incidents where drivers are illtreated, hence the need for a personal safety device can’t be stressed enough. 

As a driver, it is your utmost priority to make sure that you and your ride stay comfortable during the ride. A wearable personal safety is a must-have while you are at work to deal with unforeseen circumstances. 

It Helps You Deal With Emergency Situations

A Bluetooth wearable personal safety device such as Silent Beacon Panic Button helps you instantly connect with anyone in emergencies. You can share your real-time GPS location with anyone you want and notify your emergency contacts through emails, text, or push notifications.

You may call any designated contact like a family member, friend or even dial 911 if you encounter situations like armed passengers or threatening calls. 

Share important rider information with emergency personnel like their name, your location, car’s make and model, why you feel uncomfortable, and detail of the emergency situation you find yourself in. Also, try to drive towards a crowded area in order to protect yourself.

It Is Easy To Carry

Although there are several options, the Silent beacon’s wearable panic button works best because of its lightweight and portable nature. With only a one-time purchase cost, you can leverage all the device features for as long as you want. On top of that, what makes it a budget-friendly option is that there are no monthly subscription charges. 

It is small, so you can either wear it or clip it anywhere you want. While strangers are in your car, a handy safety device can save you from serious accidents.

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It Ensures Quick Communication

Most life-saving alert systems require lightning-fast communication. Every second is precious. Silent Beacon allows fast, quick, and efficient communication with your emergency contacts with just a press of a button.

Moreover, if you are a manager at a ridesharing company and want to push some departmental alerts or track employees and vehicles in real-time, Silent Beacon should be your go-to.

How To Stay Safe As a Rideshare Driver?

Besides wearing your personal safety button, here are a few general tips that can help you stay safe as a rideshare driver:

Always Verify Your Rider

Confirming the identity of your rider is important before they get in your car. Nerve unlock your car for anyone without asking their name, and the location they want to be dropped at, and verify it with the rider information on your rideshare safety app.

Must Install: Download our Free Safety App 

Protect Your Personal Information

Light conversations between riders and drivers often spark up. Make sure that you do not spill any important personal information, like your phone number, address,  credit card information, etc.

Install A Dashcam In Your Car

I head over to the local auto shop to get a dashcam whenever I buy a new car. Having an active dashcam will help you record first-hand evidence in case of an accident in your car. 

Consider a dashcam that captures both front and back views to ensure your personal safety. Dashboard camera footage can be sent as proof of terrible client behavior and can be submitted to law enforcement and your rideshare service.

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Carry Safety Weapons For Your Defense

Having a non-lethal defense weapon at hand, such as pepper spray, or an LED taser can help you save yourself under attack until emergency help finds you. Don’t forget to create a custom text message and email header to your emergency contacts in your Silent Beacon’s safety app to ensure an added layer of protection.

Trust Your Intuition

Always listen to your heart while driving for a rideshare service. If you feel like the pickup or dropoff location is suspicious, cancel the ride. If you are uneasy during the ride, try to end it at a crowded place and call for help through your panic button.

The Endnote

Driving for rideshare companies, in most cases, is fun and in general conversations with the riders, you get to learn from their experiences. I myself use ridesharing services quite often just to have a chit-chat before work.

My advice to all rideshare drivers is that make your job enjoyable, but make sure that you stay safe while you are with strangers in your car. Any kind of abuse, verbal or physical, is a criminal act, and you have to protect yourself from it. 

Always wear a Silent Beacon’s Panic Button, a personal safety device that allows you to alert your family and call authorities for help. In emergency situations, keep calm and try to restrict the damage as much as you can. Keep a safety weapon for self-defense. 

Besides, make sure that you have an active dashcam installed in your car so you can record proof of any unwanted circumstance. Trust your intuition if you feel unsafe during the ride. Happy driving!

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