A postal worker’s job is a lot more than just delivering the mail. It is beautiful and comfortable out one day with a small amount of mail, to a downpour the next day with 5x as much work. On this National Thank a Mail Carrier Day, celebrated on February 4th, we reveal some safety tips for postal workers, so let’s dive right in!

The United States Postal Service has employed some 516,000 people in 2021 alone. This physical job is tough, you stumble, you slip, your truck breaks down, and you’re attacked by animals. But here are some safety tips that you can endorse to keep yourself comfortable while serving as a postal employee.

Crime Prevention Tips

Safety Against Theft

The USPS cart is full of tiny pieces of paper with valuable secrets that thieves are always in search of. There may be bank statements, social security, medical information, love letters, or any private information, that when stolen, may cause a nuisance. 

To keep the mail you’re delivering safe, make sure that your mail delivery box is duly locked. Store registered and valuable mail in the inner pocket of the satchel as advised by the USPS. Park your truck in a crowded place rather than in a lonely area, and lock it every time you leave it in public. 

Safety Against Assault

Being a postal employee, a large portion of your day is spent driving across different states. While you’re alone on your way, you may encounter an unwanted predator disguised as a human. To help you deal with being followed by a stranger, or from assault, it is essential that you wear a personal safety device

Silent Beacon’s Panic Button is a Bluetooth device that pairs with your smartphone or a watch. The technology allows you to call any number, including 911, share your real-time GPS location and send text and email alerts to your emergency contacts. 

Besides, consider carrying pepper spray, tactical flashlights, a kitchen knife, or any other non-lethal self-defense weapon. This way you can handle an emergency circumstance until someone reaches out to you. 

Safety Against Suspicious Activities

While on your duty, you may experience some suspicious activities, such as being followed by a stranger. It is best to report such activities to the police according to the USPS reporting guidelines. You may do so via the Safety app and panic button to call 911 and with the following information:

  • Your name and location
  • What you see
  • Description of the suspicious person involved

While encountering a strange situation, protect your mail, and drive towards a crowded area. Do not mingle with unknown individuals except in case of a dire need. 

Health Safety Tips for Postal Workers

Safety Against Weather Calamities

Weather fluctuations are common in the US. One day it is hot, and the other, there’s a heavy downpour. You should always keep an eye on the weather conditions and plan your day accordingly. 

When it is hotter than usual, make sure you stay hydrated and not get affected by heatstroke. 

Carry an umbrella with you at all times to save yourself from getting wet in case of unpredicted rain. 

Dress according to the weather. The mail truck does not contain an air conditioner or a heater, and you only have a fan even in the summer. 

Safety Against Animal Attacks

Postal employees are often bitten by dogs and insects like venomous wasps, bees, and spiders. Dogs usually see mail carriers as a potential threat to their owners. 

To keep yourself safe from animal bites, keep an insect and dog repellent, such as a black pepper spray with you at all times. The USPS in their rules book allows you to not deliver mail to a house where a threatening animal blocks your way. 

Learn the signs of an aggressive dog, such as holding ears erect, snarling, low-range barking, carrying tail highly in a stiff manner, and staring at you. Beware when you see an animal in an aggressive mood and leave as soon as possible. 

Safety Against Injuries and Disease

The postal service job involves a considerable amount of time spent directly under the sun. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the primary cause of Melanoma, a type of skin cancer. Postal workers need to keep themselves safe from becoming a victim of melanoma, especially in summers. 

To protect yourself, always apply sunscreen and wear protective gear, such as work-issued pants, proper footwear, and wide-brimmed hats. Keep a first-aid box in your truck to allow treatment of minor accidents and injuries from lifting. 

Be mindful of your environment while you’re walking. Falls and trips are common causes of injury among postal workers. 

Tips For Driving Safely

While driving a USPS vehicle, adhere to the traffic rules at all times. Do not take unknown routes in search of shortcuts. Any unknown place may lead to difficult terrain, where you might find it hard to drive and get late. Your work time is measured in military hours, and then hundredths of an hour for minutes, and getting late can cost you a lot. 

Avoid driving through low-public areas to avoid robberies, and wear your Panic button at all times. This way, even if you meet an emergency, you may at least call someone for help rather than wait in agony until some stranger stumbles upon to find you.

It is advised that you drive at a safe speed. According to a 2019 survey, overspeeding was the cause of 29% of all fatal road injuries in the US.

The Endnote

Postal employees are vulnerable to different kinds of mishaps while on duty. The job is tough but you will make a bank on it. You have to protect yourself from all sorts of crimes, health injuries, and road accidents. 

To do so, make sure that your mailbox is locked, you’re driving at a safe speed and you’re carrying self-defense weapons at all times. Most importantly, you should wear the panic button for postal employees, install the personal safety app, and stay safe with Silent Beacon.

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