October 18, 2019

The Problem with Relying Solely on Your Phone for Emergency Safety: Why phones are not as reliable as you may think

Cell phones. For most people, it is inconceivable to go through a day without one. From shopping, to texting, to sharing your Instagram story, the phone has become a convenient way to stay in touch with friends and family, take care of personal and professional business on apps, and search for information, products and more on the Internet.

Not the perfect device

For as valuable and convenient cell phones have become, they aren’t perfect. In fact, they are not always as reliable as you think. Consider times when you’ve taken a car ride in an area where you can’t get service; this can be extremely inconvenient – even dangerous – if you have no idea where you are without your GPS turned on. And what if your child needs to call you, but his or her battery dies? Would he or she know your phone number to be able to call you from a landline? Then there are those annoying “pocket calls” – where your phone inadvertently dials a contact. And if that person picks up, he or she overhears everything you are saying.

Emergency Safety: Don’t rely on a phone

The reliability of a cell phone can become a matter of life or death in an emergency situation. Many people assume that, in a crisis, they’ll simply use their phone to call 911. But have you ever considered the steps involved in making that “simple” call?

First, you need to log in to the phone via passcode or thumbprint. Normally, this is a quick, simple task. Unfortunately, in a situation where you may be sick, panicked, or in imminent danger, your nervous, shaking hands might not be able to log in so easily.

In the event that you do get yourself logged in, you now need to select the appropriate phone app, open it, and make the call… and that’s assuming that you’re in an area where your phone is in range of a tower to provide clear service.

Unfortunately, these seemingly “quick” actions might be impossible for you to make. For instance, if you become the victim of a robbery or assault, there is a high likelihood that your assailant is not going to let you use your phone. Instead, that person is probably going to take it from you and render you helpless.

The Emergency Safety Solution: Silent Beacon

Emergency safety techniques and device

Fortunately, there is a better emergency safety solution: Silent Beacon. This small, lightweight personal safety device pairs with the free app on your phone so you never need to log in, dial, or call during an emergency situation. Instead, the Silent Beacon acts as a mobile panic button.

Simply press the easy-to-use button, and alerts will be automatically sent to your contacts. You are able to load the Silent Beacon with up to seven contacts, and this can include emergency personnel and 911. You can customize the alerts, too, sending texts, phone calls, emails – or all three! – depending on your contacts’ preferences.

If you’re in a situation where you can’t let those around you know you want to activate the alert, you can use the silent mode as you press the mobile panic button. However, if you are in a situation where you can – and want to – talk to your contacts, you may enable the two-way communication feature. When this feature is activated, you can talk to your primary contact while you wait for help to arrive on the scene.

Other features

The Beacon is equipped to pinpoint your location as well, so emergency personnel won’t need to waste precious time trying to identify where you are. Your contacts can also track your whereabouts through the real time map feature.

Perhaps best of all, there are no hidden fees or recurring charges when you purchase the Beacon. At an affordable price of $99, your purchase allows you full access to the Silent Beacon’s range of features, including:

  • Customizable alerts: Type your own messages and select how you want to notify your contacts.
  • Non-emergency mode: Let your loved ones know you are OK with the “nudge” feature.
  • Live-tracking: Send your GPS location and allow contacts to track you in real time through the alert mode.
  • Lost device feature: Just like a Tile or Bluetooth tracker, we allow you to locate your device if you need it.
  • Rechargeable battery: Charge on the go with our Micro-USB plug, with a dust- and water-resistant cover on the panic button.
  • Mobility: Receive a free accessory clip to give you complete freedom and movement.
  • Large speakers: The Silent Beacon is equipped with noise-cancellation on the microphone to enable crystal clear communication.

With the Silent Beacon, there are no start up fees. No activation charges. No monthly call center bills. And no cancellation fees, either. It’s that simple!

If you happen to be a business owner, you can purchase the Silent Beacon for your entire team. Give each employee a Silent Beacon so you can track them when they’re on the road, and push out mass updates and alerts. Meanwhile, the business portal allows you to input and edit your contacts and admins, as well as select how you wish to alert people in your company.

Your emergency safety – as well as the safety of everyone in your life – is important. Silent Beacon understands this. Learn more, and order your Silent Beacon today by visiting https://www.silentbeacon.com.

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