October 23, 2019

Halloween Safety Tips for kids and parents

Fall in the air – from those crisp, autumn days to the clear, cool nights. This time of year also means that it’s almost Halloween! And whether your child loves Toy Story or your teen can’t get enough of the horror genre, your kids are probably busy planning – and talking about – the perfect costume, as they gear up for an evening of Trick or Treat, friends, and fun.

As you carve your pumpkin, fill the candy bowls, and help your child prepare, don’t forget one important item: Halloween safety. Yes, the majority of children trick or treat year in and out with no problem. But anything from bad candy to trips and falls can ruin a night that is meant to be fun.

The good news is that there are many simple Halloween safety tips you can take to make sure your kids stay safe – while still letting them enjoy all the frightful fun this time of year!

Check out these simple, easy-to-follow Halloween safety tips for kids, as well as Halloween safety tips for parents:

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

  • Travel in groups. No matter your age, always Trick or Treat in groups for Halloween safety. If anything happens, you’ll already have several people who can run, call, or get help for you.
  • Know the neighborhood. Spend your Halloween night in a place you know well. Not only will this prevent you from getting lost, but by knowing the area, you can also maximize the number of houses you visit for candy and treats!
  • Only go to houses you know. Yes, even those you know well are capable of being “bad” people, but you increase your odds of staying safe if you stick to Trick or Treating at places where you know and trust the people.
  • Check your candy. Make sure there are no rips or holes in the wrappers. And if someone gives you unwrapped food (apples, cookies, loose candy, etc.), just throw it out. It’s not worth the possibility of putting yourself at risk for dirty or otherwise contaminated food.
  • Light your way. As fall turns into winter, it gets dark earlier each night. Carry a flashlight to help you see, so even after the sun goes down you have a clear path as you walk from house to house.
  • Stick to sidewalks. Don’t walk in the streets or alleys without a sidewalk. Sometimes it’s difficult for drivers to see you, especially after dark. By staying on the sidewalks you can Trick or Treat safety, even as the cars drive by.

Halloween Safety measures for Parents

Halloween safety tips for parents

  • Keep tabs on your kids. Even if they’re older, find out where they will be going, with whom, and for how long. Make sure they’re traveling in groups, and be sure that you trust the neighborhood and people they will be visiting. This is one of the must-follow Halloween safety tips.
  • Outfit them safely. Beware of cumbersome masks that obstruct their view, or too-long pants and capes that pose a tripping hazard. Kids are already juggling props and Trick or Treat bags. Wearing a costume is enough of a challenge without being able to walk, move or see properly. If the costume is a dark color that may be difficult for drivers to see as the sun sets, consider reflective tape – or a brighter costume option.
  • Watch the props. If your child’s costume comes with some sort of prop, assess how safe that item is. Be wary of sharp swords, as well as other fake weapons. Even if the prop itself isn’t dangerous, consider the fact that they will be carrying the item around with them – and it may become too heavy to lug around – or difficult to manage in addition to Trick or Treat bags.
  • Check their candy. Similar to the tip in the “kids” section, take a moment to go through your child’s Halloween candy before letting him or her dig in. Throw out loose food, as well as any candy wrappers that are ripped, damaged or have holes in them.


Give them the best Halloween safety device, with Silent Beacon

The Silent Beacon is a personal safety device that allows your child to call for help with the press of a button. This small, easy-to-carry device can be clipped on a keychain, lanyard, or simply dropped into your child’s treat bag. Pair the device with the Silent Beacon Halloween safety app – it’s free! – and your child is set.

The Bluetooth-enabled device allows you to input up to seven contacts, including 911. In the event of an emergency, all your child needs to do is press the button. This activates an instant alert to all contacts, via text message, a phone call, and/or email. The GPS technology allows first responders to pinpoint the child’s location immediately, and the voice activation feature allows your son or daughter to remain in constant contact with you while waiting for help to arrive. It’s that easy! And at a price of only $99, the Beacon is affordable, too.

On Halloween, most kids are running all over the place as they Trick or Treat. As parents, you might not always be aware of their exact location, either. Fortunately, by following these Halloween safety tips, you increase the chances of keeping Halloween the fun, exciting holiday it’s meant to be. Plus, by equipping your children with the Silent Beacon, you can put your fears to rest, with the peace of mind that help is on the way, with a simple press of a button. To learn more – or to purchase Silent Beacon for your child – visit https://silentbeacon.com/.

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