March 24, 2015

Silent Beacon Personal Safety Apps Information and Statistics

Silent Beacon, LLC was founded with the goal of personal safety in an emergency. The goal of ensuring that every person with a Smartphone would be able to contact, alert, and tracked by their loved ones. Our emergency app commitment to safety, convenience, affordability, and customer satisfaction is our driving force.

We are the first company to offer this emergency app and type of device (and the first to file a patent application for the Silent Beacon). There are similar competitors who offer their products at significantly higher price points. They do not provide the same mobility and seamless integration that allow for a much broader user base.

The Competitor’s products are also driven by outdated technology. They have lengthy contracts and monthly fees that simply do not return value. In addition, the majority of these products are only functional within a certain range of a speaker. These products are hardwired – and many times, outdated – devices.

Although a customer can buy a PERS system outright (from $100 to $1500), most customers sign a lease agreement. A standard PERS system lease agreement requires a nominal (sometimes zero) activation fee and monthly monitoring fees of $25-$45. The standard system includes a two-way voice console. One is a personal activator button (radio transmitter) worn on a pendant or bracelet. And second is a telephone line or cellular access to a 24-hour emergency response center. Therefore, Most companies offer a discount for subscribers who pay annually rather than monthly.

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