A US Census Beauru report indicated that individuals 85 and above are the fastest growing age group by percentage.

Moreover, a research study in the Pew Internet & American Life Project suggested that around 53% of Americans aged 65 or older are active on social websites. 34% of them are using Facebook and similar social sites.

This concludes that senior citizens are the fastest-growing demographic on Facebook.

The above stats show how much free time one has on their hands to sit for hours and spend their day scrolling through their screen for better entertainment.

This act, however, does not surprise us.

Given that in today’s era, everyone is bound to the internet and the gadgets providing access, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health has declined drastically.

With that said, what can be done to help achieve an active lifestyle for older people?

Active Aging Week

According to a study, by age 75, 1 in 3 men and 2 in 3 women are not physically active or involved in any activities of whatever sort.

The physical and mental health of the elderly would improve significantly if the hours spent scrolling the mobile feed were better utilized.

Therefore, the human brain needs to be constantly stimulated for better physical and mental well-being.

This is why we celebrate Active Aging Week primarily for people over 50, encouraging them to take advantage of what life offers them, regardless of age and health conditions.

Why Is Celebrating Active Aging Week Important?

The International Council of Active Aging initiated the first AAW event in 2003, especially for older people to partake in activities and opt for a rather healthy lifestyle by promoting mobility and strengthening exercises.

The weeklong activity (from October 3rd to 9th) focuses on the capabilities of people over 50 participating in activities and challenges and diminishing society’s expectations of elderly people; immobility, weak strength, and worsening health.

The main objective is to showcase the true potential of older adults, regardless of age and health problems, that can also live life as fully as possible in all aspects of human potential. The event allows older adults to experience fitness activities in a safe, secure, encouraging, and supportive environment.

Not only that, health promotion and obtaining a healthy, active lifestyle, bringing upon a sense of community, and encouraging them to get moving are also the prime focus of the said event.

Activities Offered In AAW An Active Aging Week includes:

An Active Aging Week includes:

1. Group March And Strolls

Both fast-paced brisk walks and strolls over a defined distance are one of the main activities in the said weeklong event. People of different ages, mainly 50-65, run and cover a larger distance at a fast pace than usual.

However, it is always best to partake in activities that support and boost your health and mood, not drain you completely. That is why being comfortable with participating in activities at your own pace is always encouraged.

2. Group Exercise And Aerobics Lessons

Yoga, pilates, and stretching sessions are other major activities involved in AAW. These activities strengthen muscle, improves posture and physical strength, and facilitate muscle flexibility.

All these courses and training sessions are supervised by physical trainers who guide, encourage, and boost the confidence of the older people interested to spending an eventful week partaking in wellness activities.

3. Tennis, Golf, and Field Games

Although field games are exciting, regardless of a player’s age and health condition, they can be extremely exhausting and tiring.

That is why a preview of upcoming activities is offered as lectures or demonstrations to the audience, educating the participants about the week’s activities and also giving free aerobic sessions for better understanding.

After demonstrating the lessons, the individuals are allowed to choose and participate in activities however they like.

But safety is ensured firsthand during field matches, games, and mild-intensity aerobic exercises to avoid the risks of anyone getting injured.

The main goal of organizing an event, particularly for older people, is to provide comfort and safety, promote physical strength, boost confidence, and improve self-image.

Why You Need A Personal Safety Device If You Are Over The Age Of 50?

Old age does a number on the bones and muscles of individuals. The fact is proven and a scientifically valid reason behind porous bones and weakening muscle mass.

Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be labeled as a key factor for descending physical strength. With that said, this also does not take away the need to take necessary precautions to avoid injuries and accidents.

When partaking in activities at a beginner level and age over 50, it is always best to think of safety practices beforehand.

When strolling, running, jumping, or playing in the fields, you can always ensure your safety and call for help even before an injury occurs.This is only possible when you have access to a personal safety device that is wearable, affordable, and efficient to use.

Silent Beacon’s safety panic button allows you to have a quick security system — at your pocket’s length — to call 911 in case of emergencies.

The Bluetooth operable device connects with a mobile application on your phone and can be worn on belts and waistbands when running or jogging. At the time of need, you can push the panic button to alert safety officials for assistance. This way, you’re always secured and run under the supervision of emergency medical responders and your loved ones.


Living to see yourself get old in good and adequate health brings a sense of freedom, happiness, and joy to many faces. It adds meaning to life, a sense of accomplishment, and provides an opportunity to feel and care for and love others.

Not only that, but it also allows you to enjoy yourself and live longer with your loved ones — without feeling like a burden to anyone.

Therefore, looking after yourself and finding ways to occupy and stimulate your mind with challenging tasks can always help you lift your spirits and live the life you always wanted to have after retirement.

So, go on a walk today while you think of your old self tomorrow!

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