On the 4th of March every year, India halts regular work activities and rolls up the banners to celebrate its National Safety Day. The main objective is to create awareness about the importance of safety, while the other is to draw strong commitments from the public to maintain high safety standards in their homes, at work, and even when they’re on the move. 

It pretty much sounds like our job description here at Silent Beacon, except we go the extra mile by providing you with gadgets to keep you and your loved ones safe.

This year’s edition will mark the 51st edition of the campaign, which has now been extended to last for a week. 

As millions of people in India reaffirm their commitment to creating a safe working and living environment, we thought it might be a good time to remind ourselves of the best safety practices to employ as we go about our daily lives.

Here are some safety tips you need to stay safe this National Safety Day:

How To Stay Safe When Going Out?

Hanging out with friends is one of the easiest ways to relieve stress and create fun memories. However, it comes with a lot of security risks. Below are some of the ways to stay safe while you’re outside.

Plan Ahead

Before you set out, prepare a plan on how you’ll get to the venue of the hangout and, most importantly, how you’ll return home. If possible, map out a contingency plan, too; this would help you deal with uncertainties if they occur. 

Inform Friends And Family About The Event

One of the best safety practices to employ when going out is to inform your loved ones about the destination you’re headed to. For one, it would clear any doubts or worries about your location and give them a fair idea of where to look or who to call if there’s a need to.

Pro tip: Silent Beacon panic button will help you share your real-time location with your loved ones at all times. In case of a mishap, just press the panic button, and all your emergency contacts will be informed instantly.

Stay Within Reach

Social gatherings are a good avenue to meet new people. Nonetheless, you must be careful not to stay too far from your friends while trying to socialize (especially if you’re not familiar with the terrain). Also, agree with your friends on a popular spot where you all can meet after the event in case you all get separated.

Don’t Drink And Drive

It’s normal to guzzle down a few drinks when in the company of friends and family. But if you’re going to be steering the wheels, you must avoid this as much as you can. If you must drink, get someone else to drive you home. 

Go Around With A Panic Button

Moving around with a personal safety device can give you a greater sense of security. So if you can afford it, buy a personal safety gadget. The Silent Beacon safety device is the best in the market. It pairs up with the personal safety app, allowing you to share your GPS location with all emergency contacts.

How To Stay Safe At Home

One of the responsibilities of owning a house is that you’re automatically the chief security officer of your home. Here are a few tips to make your reign easier. 

Install Security Cameras

Cameras are very helpful in keeping your home safe. First, they serve as deterrents to criminals who know that footage of their illicit actions will be captured, recorded, and may be used to prosecute them in court. 

Indeed, video evidence has led to the apprehension of more criminals. Also, cameras work round the clock even while you’re asleep or away from home, and they’re quite affordable for most households.

Install Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

You want to instill fear in potential burglars and put them under the magnifying glass as much as you can. One of the ways to achieve this is to deploy motion sensor lights at strategic points within your compound. 

Use Smart Doorbells and Locks

In this day and age where everything and everyone is going digital, smart doorbells and locks are a must-have. Besides, using conventional doorbells and locks come with high risks that can jeopardize the security of your home. Most of these risks are significantly reduced with smart doorbells and locks.

For instance, smart doorbells come with a built-in camera and support two-way communication, while smart locks can be secured through different methods ranging from codes to biometrics. Additionally, they can be controlled remotely.

Know Your Neighbors

Balancing work and your personal life can be tough. However, you should find time to familiarize yourself with the people living around you. Salute them from time to time and ensure to build a good relationship. Over time, you would be able to identify strange faces and movements when they occur. 

Secure Your Garage And Landscaping 

When planning their home security, most people ignore their garage and landscaping. But these two play a huge role in keeping your home safe. The garage is one of the most vulnerable entry points that experienced criminals use to gain access into the house. 

To prevent this, ensure that your garage is locked properly, add automation if possible, and extra security if you’re traveling for a while. As for your landscaping, ensure that the trees and grasses are well-trimmed. Also, position thorny plants at strategic entry points.

Get A Personal Safety Device

Even as you adhere to the safety tips mentioned above, you need to get a personal safety device for yourself and your family. This gives you an extra layer of premium security and significantly reduces the response time if the criminals eventually find their way in.

Silent Beacon is a customizable Bluetooth personal safety gadget that doesn’t require monthly fees. This wearable device will send out distress calls and notifications to emergency responders and loved ones with a single touch of a button. This can be particularly helpful if you have to leave your kids at home by themselves. They can easily reach out to you if they feel insecure.

How To Stay Safe At Work

Workplace safety is just as important as any of those we’ve discussed earlier. The following tips will help you and your colleagues stay safe at work.

Be Aware Of Your Surrounding

Every work environment has its own hazards, so it’s advisable to understand your surroundings and adjust.

Maintain Correct Posture

Endeavor to keep a good posture while working; this would save you from incessant back strain and neck pain.

Take Regular Breaks

Working for long hours will reduce your productivity. Therefore, deliberately prepare your schedule to accommodate regular breaks. 

Keep Emergency Exits Clear

Keep the path to emergency exits clear; this is important in case there’s a need to evacuate the building.

Report Unhealthy Conditions 

Always report unhealthy working environment and conditions to the appropriate authority so it can be addressed.

Wear Protective Gears

If you work in a factory, ensure you wear the right protective gear at all times.


As you celebrate the 2022 National Safety Day, please bear in mind that safety is much more than a one-time activity. It’s a continuous process that must be reviewed and optimized frequently. 

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