Hello, if you are reading this you have either downloaded or are thinking about downloading Silent Beacon, the number one safety app on the iTunes app store (and soon to be Android). Here are instructions on how to setup the app along with an explanation of each feature. Please keep in mind both Location Services and Push Notifications need to be turned on for this app to function properly. Check your general phone settings to turn these on.

  • Register

    This is the first stop for people who are setting up the Safety App.

  • Login

    People who have already registered should click here to enter the main menu.

  • Buy the Device

    Sends you to our online store to be able to purchase the Silent Beacon Device if you do not own one yet.


  • Registration Process

    This is the initial setup process once you download our Silent Beacon Safety App.

  • Enter your Full Name

    Enter your name, this information is used to let the people you save as Emergency Contacts know who is alerting them
  • Enter your Phone Number

    Enter the cellular number associated with your smartphone that will be using the App. This is how the app interacts with your Contacts and sends alerts.
    Change the Country code on the left by touching it and scrolling up or down to your Country.
  • Enter your Email Address

    This field is not necessary but will help you if you need help or send out emails to your Emergency Contacts during an Alert.

    Submits the information to start the next step of registration.
  • Terms of Service

  • Privacy Policy





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    Settings will give you access to App Settings, Buy a Device, Device Settings, Subscription and Online Help.(each of above should be linked to the correct section below).

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    Alert Button

    This button is the heart of the safety app. When faced with an emergency press this button.  It will then send the alerts to loved ones and the emergency personnel you have selected in the Contacts page. The button will turn red and chime (if your audio is on) letting you know the emergency alerts have been sent. Tracking of your location beings (if selected to be on) and will continue to send your emergency alert until you press the red button again. Once you press the red button you will be asked for your password to confirm it is you who wishes to turn off the alert mode.

  • Nudge Feature Safety App


    The nudge feature is our latest improvement to the Silent Beacon safety app. This allows you to notify loved ones that you got to your destination safely without the need to call or text them. It sends a snap shot of your location along with your pre-stored custom text message.

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    Pressing this button will open your Emergency Contacts Screen allowing you to Add, Modify or Delete your Emergency Contacts.
    This button will turn yellow if one of your own Emergency Contacts has been in an Emergency.
    This button will turn red when any of your Emergency Contact are currently in an Emergency.
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    Find allows you to find your Beacon within Bluetooth® range. Weather its attached to your keychain or left in the car you can find its location by following the signal strength of the Find Icon.  The Beacon will begin to vibrate and flash its LEDs helping you located it, to turn off simply press Find again.
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    One of our brand new features. Pressing this button allows your location to be shared with contacts. Let them see where you are in situations that you feel unsafe or want to be found.


  • Beacon Status

    Searching for Beacon – Your Phone is trying to connect to your Beacon.

    Beacon Connected – Your Beacon is connected to the App

    Beacon Disconnected – Your Beacon is not connected to the App

  • Paired Status

    Pairing 0/2 occurs when your App and Beacon are complexity disconnected from each other.

    Pairing 1/2 occurs when you have successfully connected the App to the Beacon by pressing the plus sign located in this photo.

    Pairing 2/2 occurs when you have connected the Classic Bluetooth® from your phone to the Beacon, for more on that click here.

  • Call On/Off

    When you have toggled on an Emergency Contact to call inside your Contact Details page, this will show as Call On letting you know it will place a call when in Alert Mode.
  • Battery Life

    This tells you the percentage of battery you have left in your Beacon.


This is the page where your Emergency Contacts are stored.  You can see who needs help, who is connected and you may edit each listing by clicking the right side icon. Below is information on each part of this page.

Emergency Alert System Contacts

  • Top right plus sign +

    Add a Contact by pressing the + sign at the top of this screen.

  • Safety Alert Grey

    Gray icon

    This lets you know you have added a Contact to your Emergency Contact list

  • Safety Alert Blue

    Blue icon

    The blue icon means your Contact has their app open inside their smartphone.

  • Safety Yellow Alert

    Yellow icon

    This icon means that one of your contacts was previously in an emergency and you have not yet seen the alert. Click to see where they are, follow up with a phone call.

  • Safety Alert Red

    Red Icon

    This means your Contact is in an emergency, please press the icon to be taken to their map to see where they are.

  • Right side info Icon

    On the right side of this screen you can see a white outlined icon. Each Contact will have the (I) symbol in the icon. If you have set Call Feature on within the Contacts Detail screen the icon will have a ‘phone ringing’ symbol which lets you know this Contact will be called when you press the alert.

  • Phone ringing icon

    This icon means you have toggled the Call Contact on for this persons phone number. This will call the Contact when you press the alert.


When you press Contacts from the Main Menu it takes you to this screen. This is the screen where you can find the settings that customize your user experience.
  • Call Number

    Toggle this on to Call this person when you enter an Alert.

  • Test Message

    Toggle this on to text this Contact when you are in Alert Mode.

  • Push Notifications

    Toggle this on to text this Contact when you are in Alert Mode.

  • Low Battery Alert

    Toggle this on if you wish your Contact to receive a message when your Beacon battery is low (only for people with the Silent Beacon Devices).

Emergency Alert Beacon

  • Name/Number/Email

    This top area shows the Name, Phone Number and Email Address of your Contact. You can edit the Name and Email but the Phone Number must always be the same.  If you need to change the Phone Number create a new Contact with that Phone Number. If needed you may delete the old one if no longer used.

  • Email

    Sends an Email to your contact when in Alert Mode with your location and message.
  • Nudge

    Will send a text message to this Contact when you press Nudge on the Main Menu Screen. This sends a non emergency message letting them know you are OK.  It also will send your GPS location along with it so they can know your location.
  • Footsteps

    This will allow your Contact to view your location when you click Footsteps from the Main Menu Screen.


Silent Beacon Safety panic button helps you instantly connect with loved ones in an emergency situation. You can instantly alert loved ones with your GPS location as well as calling emergency personnel such as 911. With one touch you can send text messages, push notifications, emails and send voice calls to your pre-stored emergency contacts inside the App. Best of all unlike our competitors there is no mandatory monthly fees and the emergency alert app is FREE!