November 26, 2018

Older Adults and Senior Citizens and the Statistics of Falling

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Older Adults in this day and age, as well as senior citizens, are some of the most vulnerable members of our society today. Having an emergency alert for seniors, on them at all times, can prevent injuries or fatalities if they fall. Considering that about one-third of the elderly fall each year and of that figure, 1%(over 12,000) lose their lives while 24% and 76% are treated in the emergency department and hospitalized, respectively. This portends that in every 11 seconds, an elderly person is treated in the emergency room for a fall. This cause the one elderly person dies from a fall every 19 minutes. It is also saddening to note that a good number of these falls go unreported. There is a more urgent need now more than ever to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of the elderly are kept in the front burner of public discourse.

Why They Fall

  1. Accident Caused by the Environment: An unsafe environment can make an elderly person fall. Many of the senior citizens grapple with vision impairments and therefore need to move around in a clean, safe and well-lit environment.
  2. Loss of Balance: Difficulty with walking and balance also lead to elderly tripping and falling. Some of them may experience pain in the legs or maybe dizzy at the material time. Since these falls may happen in the restroom or other secluded places, having an emergency alert system app is critical for an appropriate response when such an event occurs.
  3. Effect of Drugs: Some drugs taken by the elderly such as tranquilizers and sedatives and even anti-depressants can affect balance. Due to this, the ability to control the feet affect when attempting to walk
  4.  Medical Issues: Actual ailments like Vitamin D deficiency, lower body weakness, foot pain, onset of stroke, can cause an elderly person to fall. Having an emergency alert for seniors can help get attention to them. It helps when they are unable to speak out due to ill-health or effect of the drugs.

How to Help the Elderly if they Fall

According to trained caregivers, you should do the following if an elderly person falls:

  • Allow them to stay where they were on the ground, lying there for few minutes.
  • Reassure them that they would be alright and that you would offer as much help as possible.
  • Tell them to perform a self-assessment while lying on the floor to determine if there are injuries
  • When any injury is noticed, have them relax while you call the emergency services for medical assistance. If an emergency alert for seniors is available, use it.
  •  If they feel safe enough to get up, the help to roll them to one side and allow them to stay a few moments to allow their bodies to adjust adequately.
  • Try to get the nearest available chair and then help them to slowly move their bodies and get on the chair and relax there for a while.

About Silent Beacon – An Emergency Alert for Seniors

Silent Beacon is the most advanced personal emergency system in its class today. It is a device uniquely designed to cater to many types of emergency situations. For the user of this device, alerting their loved ones, the emergency services for prompt attention during emergencies have never been easier. There are no monthly fees at all and the system is fitted with rechargeable batteries. It ensures that it stays up with you when you need it. If you are in a situation where you are unable to talk, then you can send an emergency message.

How Silent Beacon Emergency Alert System App is Suitable for the Elderly

Reaching the elderly in good time if they fall is very important. With the Silent Beacon, senior citizens can call for help from their caregivers, neighbors or the emergency services and emergency personnel. Getting to their exact location would not be an issue because the device is designed to locate victim using GPS. With this device, the elderly can no longer feel alone because help is just the touch of a button away.

Reach out to Us

Contact us today to place an order for your elderly parents or relatives. Our dedicated team members who are available every hour of the day would be happy to discuss with you. They will help you to get your loved ones to enjoy this amazing emergency alert for seniors.

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