Valentine’s day is close by, and you’re about to go on your first date! 

We’re excited for you; the first date is often the most thrilling yet the most challenging one. You’re going to see someone you’re supposed to like for the first time, and it’s quite an overwhelming experience. 

Meeting someone new always comes with safety concerns, but it can turn into a beautiful memory if the right precautions are taken. Follow through to gather some blind safety tips on how to stay safe on your blind date this Valentine’s. 

Before The Date:

The first date is an occasion to prepare for. You should give ample time to put yourself together and learn about your partner as much as you can. Here are must-dos to get everything set for the big day. 

Check Your Date Online

Before you confirm your date, it’s best to search your partner on google and follow through with their social media accounts. If you find anything suspicious, it’s better to cancel the date than put yourself in danger. 

Although it’s a blind date, try to look for their photo online and read the content they share on their social media profile, so you know what to expect. 

Choose A Public Place

You might want to crash your first date in a peaceful romantic place with just the two of you, but this may backfire. Do not accept the invite to their house or anywhere private too soon. For the first time, choose a crowded place, so you have people around you to call for help.

The place should be spacious and well-lit. To make the experience more comfortable, choose a location you’ve been to before. A coffee shop, public eatery, or a park should do. While loud parties and movie theatres are also public places, they may not allow conversation. 

Always Inform Someone

Before you leave to meet your partner, always inform someone in your close contacts about where you’re going. Just in case you meet with an emergency, your friends or family will know where to catch you fast. 

Also, share your live location with your kith and kin, and casually mention your date before them. You’ll be confident that you’re not alone, and there are people behind you if you find yourself in unforeseen circumstances.

Arrange Your Transportation Yourself

It’s too early to share where you live, so never ask your partner to pick you up from your house. Either drive yourself to the destined location, use public transport or take a ride through apps like Uber to ensure that you are safe on your first date. 

During The Date:

Now that you’re all set to see your partner on Valentine’s Day, let’s take you to safety tips during your blind date. 

Do Not Exchange Personal Information

It is your first in-person interaction with your partner, and you don’t know their intentions in meeting you. While in a conversation, watch your words, and never spill any private information. This includes your details, residential address, bank details, social security number, and passwords.

If your date continues to insist on asking for your personal information, beware! It’s a red flag. Call 911 if they make you uncomfortable by asking such particulars. 

Carry Safety Weapons 

Having a non-lethal defense weapon in your pocket never comes with a disadvantage. Always wear a personal safety device like Silent Beacon’s Panic button on your blind date to feel confident and secure.

The Panic Button is a patented safety device that allows you to call any number during an emergency and send GPS via texts, emails, and push notifications in real-time. 

Through its built-in BlueTooth tracker technology, you can even find anything your device is connected to, including your phone and gadgets. You can instantly notify multiple people at once with one click. 

Also, carry a pepper spray or an LED taser so you can defend yourself until an emergency contact reaches out to you. 

Watch your food and drinks

Make a habit of not leaving your food and drinks unattended anywhere. Especially when you’re on a blind date and your partner turns out to be not-so-nice, there’s a risk that your food and drinks may be contaminated or drugged. 

Make sure you’re paying for your bill and not eating anything they offer you that you haven’t ordered yourself. 

Keep your drinks in control. You don’t want to get too dizzy on your first date and risk your valuables. Keep your items, including your wallet, mobile phone, and keys, in your possession at all times. 

Install A Dating Safety App

Several apps on the internet ensure that you’re safe on your date. They do so through proactive customer service available 24/7. Profiles are constantly reviewed for inappropriate content and fraudulent activity. 

Silent Beacon’s safety app is a must-have when you’re on a blind date. It allows you to alert emergency personnel or your loved ones through various channels, including text, call, email, or push notification. You may even alert 911 in case of an emergency. They may also track your real-time GPS location in map and satellite view.  

Trust Your Gut

The earlier you recognize that your date is threatening, the better you may avoid a serious physical or sexual accident. A date can convert from fun to dangerous in no time. To stay safe, look for signs that might cause potentially risky situations, such as uncontrolled alcohol consumption and suspicious social behavior. 

Human instinct is powerful enough to catch signs of discomfort and uneasiness when you feel vulnerable. Do not ignore them. Listen to it if your gut tells you that your date looks creepy and suspicious. Do not hesitate to cancel the program and leave or inform your emergency contact to pick you up.

The Endnote

To ensure that your blind date on Valentine’s Day is safe, make sure to take the right precautions. 

Before you leave to meet your partner for the first time, search them up on the internet, and inform someone close. Meet at a public place, and take care of your transport yourself. 

Make sure you’ve got a dating safety app on your phone, carry safety weapons, and watch your food and drinks. Lastly, don’t forget to wear the panic button for the date and feel secure with Silent Beacon. 

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